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Vine Vera Cosmetics on How to Use Eye Products – Vine Vera Reviews

Applying eye cream

You’ve most probably passed up on those eye creams if you haven’t suffered from the signs of aging till now. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t already need eye creams. Just because you’re not showing signs of aging externally, doesn’t mean that your skin is not aging. Experts suggest that you should start off with eye creams in your early thirties as this helps you to prevent and control the signs of aging in the long run. And you might need to start earlier as well, depending on the skin care routine that you’ve followed since your teens.

The main reason why eye creams are so important is that the area around your eyes is extremely different from the rest of your face. It is thinner and a lot more sensitive. Moreover, it has lesser water and oil glands and needs a lot more moisturization as well. You might argue that facial moisturizers should help you do the trick, but the truth is that a facial moisturizer is not strong enough for the skin around your eyes. Furthermore, eye creams help you to prevent wrinkles and treat them properly. So the earlier you start off with your eye creams, the better chances you have in controlling and delaying the signs of aging.


Vine Vera reviews How to use Eye Products?

Before you start using eye products, you need to understand that you should always apply eye products in a well-lit room. Not on your way to work or in the car. Although skin care products for your eyes are not unsafe in general, it is best to keep them away from your eyes as they could lead to irritation. You should also ensure that you wash your nails and your hands properly in order to keep germs and dirt away from the skin around your eyes. When it comes to applying eye products, using the ring fingertip to apply them is the best way to go about it. All you need to do is pat a few dots of eye cream on the outer corner of your eyes and gently rub it with inward motions using the ring fingertip.


Some Important Things to Remember


When not to do when it comes to eye products

  • Don’t use eye products, or any cosmetics, past their expiration. Check the shelf life for each cosmetic or beauty product you purchase. You can write the date on the container with permanent marker as a reminder.
  • Make sure that you test a sample on a small patch of your skin before applying it all over.
  • Give it 24 hours and use the product only if you don’t develop any problems.Don’t use the eye product if it tends to lead to irritation or allergies.
  • Make sure that you always use gentle products. Don’t use eye products that are too strong for your skin.
  • Don’t use eye products if you have just had an eye surgery. Consult your doctor to understand when it is safe to do so.

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