Resveratrol Vitamin C Peeling

Resveratrol Vitamin C Peeling
The Resveratrol Vitamin C Peeling is a powerful cleanser for your skin. It helps get rid of dead cells and impurities that get stuck to the outer layer of your skin. The thorough cleansing it provides allows you to improve your skin care regimen, which in turn, makes other skin care products more effective. This peel is the perfect weekly accompaniment to the Resveratrol Vitamin C Cleanser and Resveratrol Vitamin C Day Cream. It gives that extra cleanse our skin needs to stay in top shape.
The main ingredients used in the Resveratrol Vitamin C Peeling are, of course, resveratrol and vitamin C, along with vitamin A. These ingredients are excellent for protecting skin from the effects of aging as well as brightening and improving texture. When they are combined in this peel, they provide a thorough cleanse which increases the efficacy of any products it is used with.
How to Use
The Resveratrol Vitamin C Peeling is recommended for use 1 -2 times per week. Simply apply a quart-sized amount, massaging gently into skin using circular motions. Avoid getting product in or near eyes. Rinse with cool water.

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  5. Posted by naomi ortiz, at Reply

    i tried your dead sea facial peeling, it’s great

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    Vitamin c looks like great product

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    Love vine vera

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    Love the Vitamin C Booster, this must be even better!

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    would love to try something new that is healthy for me

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    I need need this ….

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    The very best!

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    I use the resveratrol Skin Care products,which improves my skin wunderful.

  13. Posted by Carol Eberly, at Reply

    Products look good but are VERY expensive.

  14. Posted by claire h simmons, at Reply

    sounds like such a great product perfect for aing skin

  15. Posted by Benthami mehdi, at Reply

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    Hope my entries went through. I always have issues entering, it never fails.

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    I absolutely love this!

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    Thanks for a great giveaway.

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    Have heard this is very effective. Would love the opportunity to try it.

  20. Posted by belinda bell, at Reply

    I would like to try this. Is it good for sensitive skin?

    • Posted by VineVera Skincare, at Reply
      VineVera Skincare

      Hi Belinda,

      Our Vitamin C Peeling should be no problem for sensitive skin however, we recommend performing a 24-hour patch test to ensure the product is suitable for your skin type.

      Thank you,
      Vine Vera

  21. Posted by Hanan, at Reply

    would love to try this product. I have the non surgical shiraz syringe I am in love with it.

  22. Posted by Loraine Barker, at Reply

    Haven’t tried Resveratrol vitamin C Peeling. It sounds a marvellous product.

  23. Posted by Anggit Sapta Raudina, at Reply

    I’ve never find a peeling that be this good! OMG must have one

  24. Posted by Marie Ulrich, at Reply

    Would love to add this to all my Vine Vera products

  25. Posted by Marie Ulrich, at Reply

    Would love to add this to my Vine Vera products.

  26. Posted by Sara mason, at Reply

    Just purchased today I love it .I had bad acne scars an i feel so much confident already it’s amazing would highly recommend to all .

  27. Posted by Gerald Copeman, at Reply

    I probably could use a facial peeling

  28. Posted by meghan nyholt, at Reply

    the resveratrol, is even in the vitamin c mask. that is soo nice! I fear skin aging. Knowing this brand fights oxidation is a comfort.

  29. Posted by monica, at Reply

    i always like to try a new thing. thanks for the free sample.

  30. Posted by Fay VanHorn, at Reply

    Very interesting information

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    I believe in Vitamin C for skin health!

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    Sounds like great product for aging skin.

  33. Posted by Patricia Revita, at Reply

    I’ve tried the Merlot day cream and it’s divine~ This skin peel looks like it’d be really refreshing. I gotta try sometime~

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    The Vitamin C Collection is skin care I need!!

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    I am really excited to win this as my skin is aging, U hate to even look in the mirror. My skin is sagging and don’t like myself right now. I feel I should have taken better care of myself when I as growing up.

  38. Posted by Kate, at Reply

    As a woman in her sixties who always seems to have tired looking skin no matter what I try I would love to try this product.

  39. Posted by Timothy Churko, at Reply

    My wife loves her new Vine Vera skin care products we picked up in Whistler BC. Canada 🇨🇦 Hope I can win her mor products yo try.

  40. Posted by Wendy Mosionier, at Reply

    I would love to try your product, I will be 60 next month and I cannot stand to look at myself in the mirror anymore.

  41. Posted by josephine freake, at Reply

    this product is what I need

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    Sounds like something I might be able to use! Thanks for the article!

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    I just purchased a number of Vine Vera products and have been using them for about a week. I’d love to add this peel to my collection!

  44. Posted by Christina McGregor, at Reply

    Would love to try this as my skin is very oily and most cleansers don’t do it for me! Also would be great gift for my Mum who deserves a little pampering

  45. Posted by christy harville, at Reply

    i could really use the vitamin C peel. currently using vitamin C serum love it!!

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    This product looks perfect for my daughter’s 21st birthday this month.

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    İ live in turkey i always ask my uncle to bring me one from usa

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