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Vine Vera reviews

The blog known as Queen Horsfall is named after the founder and writer of the blog, Diana Horsfall. Diana works as an editor-in-chief, creative director, and Administrator of IFBK Seoul, an organization of Korean fashion bloggers. Additionally, she works as an influencer for Verizon, is a trend-setter, and a social media content influencer. Diana’s personal blog, Queen Horsfall, is a fashion and lifestyle blog which specializes in street fashion. Diana hopes to someday work in the fashion industry, with her ultimate goal being to own her own showroom one day, but in the meantime, she uses her personal blog as an outlet to share her love of fashion and style with anyone who will listen.

Not long ago, Diana wrote about her beauty routine for the first time in the history of her blog, and decided to divulge her favorite skin care line: Vine Vera’s Moscato Sensitive Skin Collection. This collection comprises the Resveratrol Moscato Sensitive Skin cleanser, Resveratrol Moscato Sensitive Skin Cream, Resveratrol Moscato Sensitive Skin Eye Serum, and the Resveratrol Moscato Sensitive Skin Eye Cream. As the name suggests, this collection is designed to give your skin the moisture and radiance it needs, but without causing any adverse reactions for individuals with sensitive skin. The collection is carefully formulated to avoid irritants, and to include soothing ingredients so that you can get the radiant, youthful skin you deserve without causing any flare-ups.

Diana was quite impressed by the gorgeous packaging, being a self-proclaimed “sucker for pretty boxes.” As for the products themselves, she found the Resveratrol Moscato Sensitive Skin Cleanser and the Resveratrol Moscato Sensitive Skin Eye Serum to both have a light texture and easy application. Diana then moved on to the eye cream, which she found effectively reduced the puffiness she often got under her eyes when she woke. Finally, she tried out the Resveratrol Moscato Sensitive Skin Cream. She found it to have a heavier texture, but without leaving her skin oily-feeling at all, and she felt her skin was instantly smoother after using it.

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