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Critic Reviews Vine Vera Men’s Collection

The Resveratrol Men's Collection - Vine Vera Reviews

The skincare industry is prone to focus on the female customer base, but men need to take care of their skin just as much as women do. For this precise reason, Vine Vera has specially formulated a skin care collection targeted to men.

We are excited to share with you excerpts from a recent article to explain this  further. Nathan Horn, a recognized cosmetics critic from Certified Fabulous, reviewed the Resveratrol Renewal Mask, specifically formulated for men, by Vine Vera. Read below to see what the Certified Fabulous Critic thought of this renewing face mask:

Help Dad’s Face Soften Up with Help from Our Man Grooming Guru!

Nathan Horn

Monday, 10 June 2013

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I have used several different types of masks in the past.  Some offer cleansing properties.  Others offer pore-refining additives to smooth your skin tone.  The Resveratrol Renewal Mask by Vine Vera is meant to return the moisture to your skin and improve its softness.  In using it, I found that it do this and more!

As I started to apply the mask, I found that it had a thick and smooth texture along with a strong aromatic scent.  It struck me as very rich and luxurious.  It was cooling on contact and, to my surprise, was slightly numbing.  The numbing itself was concerning, but after reading the package I realized that it was caused by the witch hazel in the mask.  After I read that and my panic subsided, I enjoyed the calming affect of the mask…

Read the rest of the review of the Vine Vera Resveratrol Renewal Mask on certified F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. here.

Beyond the physiological differences in the molecular makeup between men’s and women’s skin, men usually experience different environmental factors. When do not experience daily shaving or extreme weather conditions as often as men do. These environmental factors take a toll on the skin. In addition to the miraculous antioxidant Resveratrol which is  infused into each skin care product, Vine Vera’s men’s collection line is formulated to combat the effects these environmental factors have on men’s skin.


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  1. Posted by Dave, at Reply

    I’m a guy and I was looking for a way to take care of my skin. I suffer from mild acne, but this product helped my skin heal. I no longer suffer from acne scars, and I haven’t used another product as good as this one.

    • Posted by admin, at Reply

      We’re so happy to hear that you have been pleased with your results Dave. Thank you for letting us know.

  2. Posted by Salman Moyen, at Reply

    Does Vine Vera have any product to solve problems with oily skin?

    • Posted by admin, at Reply

      Hi Salman, thank you for your question. A lot of people struggle with the problem of having over reactive sebaceous glands (the glands that produce sebum, the oil found in our skin.) Many people manage oily skin with products containing chemical acids such as benzoyl peroxide, beta-hydroxy acid, glycolic acid, or salicylic acid. However these acids are caustic and often cause skin irritation. Fortunately there are many natural substances that can cleanse the skin of excess oil and bacteria, and Vine Vera capitalizes on these ingredients to provide natural skin care products that are just as effective as other products containing acids. Salman, I would recommend a facial peel that cleanses as well as exfoliates to treat oily skin. The Resveratrol Cabernet High Potency Cellular Peel from Vine Vera is specifically designed to cleanse the skin of oils, dirt, and bacteria.

  3. Posted by arturo, at Reply

    So I guess I should buy this product because it helped dave with his acne and I have alot of acne and acne scars

  4. Posted by Anonymous, at Reply

    We live in Hawaii and my husband swears by this product! don’t work for them either!! He says his skin never felt better! Oz would probably kil me but I haven’t tried it yet. He work s on Fremont Street!!!!!!