Protecting Your Skin in Spring

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Spring is officially upon us which means once the last remnants of winter make their departure, many of us are going to be spending more time outdoors enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. However, with all the fun also comes the fact that we’re putting our skin at risk for a whole slew of issues ranging from sun damage to insect bites. Before you start spending as much time as possible outside during the warmer weather, check out some of the tips for protecting your skin in spring.

Wear A Hat
Wearing a hat while you’re outdoors doesn’t just help shield your face from the sun, it also protects your scalp as well. Don’t worry, not all hats are going to result in hat hair. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but yes, even if you have hair you’re still at risk for getting a sunburned scalp.

Get Your Bug Repellents Ready
Dealing with bugs is one of the worst parts of spring but it’s a good thing there are plenty of ways to help prevent them from being an issue for you. The first prevention method is to buy a bug repellent that works well for your skin. Also, put citronella products around your property to help deter mosquitoes. Using sprays that are made with essential oils can also be beneficial.

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Wear Sunglasses
You’re not going to want to wear just any pair of sunglasses but rather, instead, to opt for ones that are actually going to work for protecting your eyes and the skin around them. Choose sunglasses that protect from both UVA and UVB rays and that have wide arms so they offer protection on the sides as well.

Cover Up While Gardening
Some of us haven’t always been so diligent about covering up and protecting our skin while we’re gardening, but it’s essential to do so especially since we’re right out in the open. In addition to a hat and sunglasses, it’s also best to wear long sleeves, pants, and gardening gloves to protect our skin from plants such as poison ivy or poison sumac as well as thorns, bug bites, and various other aspects of gardening that could result in a problem. You should also avoid gardening when the sun is at its strongest (between 10am and 4pm), make sure you’re drinking plenty of fluids, and just stay inside if the weather is too harsh.

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Stock Your First-Aid Kit
Another downfall of spring is all the little injuries and skin irritations that often come with it such as mosquito bites and scrapes. Have a fully-stocked first aid kit ready to go with items like bandages, gauze, aloe, and antibiotic ointment so if a skin injury occurs, you’re all set and prepared to deal with it.

Always Wear Sunscreen
Sunscreen is so very important to use every day of the year, not just during the spring and summer, but it’s even more vital to put it on and reapply it when you’re going to be spending hours outdoors during the warmer weather. Apply it about 30-minutes before you walk out your front door, then keep reapplying it throughout the day every two hours or after you swim or sweat.

It may seem like the aforementioned is going overboard when all you want to do is spend time outside in the spring sunshine, but you’ll be happy you put forth the time and effort when you can get through the season with little to no skin discomforts and issues.

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