Functional Beauty Products That Protect Your Skin From the Sun

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When you think sun protection, you probably envision sunglasses, hats, and straight up sunscreen, but did you know that the beauty products you use on a daily basis could help protect your skin even further? They’re not a substitution, of course, since sunscreen is the ultimate, but when used correctly, the products could certainly be a beneficial addition to your sun protection regimen. Let’s discuss some of the items you may want to consider adding to your arsenal of beauty products.

Okay, so you’re probably using this already, but does your moisturizer contain SPF? If not, consider switching up the one you’re already using. There’s one for every skin type. Just remember that even if your moisturizer contains SPF, you’re still going to have to reapply the sunscreen the rest of the day.

How great is it that even some foundations contain SPF? You can still find fantastic foundations that are going to give you the results you desire with the added bonus of SPF thrown in. Considering how many there are on the market nowadays, you’re not exactly limited with your options, and there is even a whole range of SPF ratings available.

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If you opt for a day without foundation but still want to use a primer, the good news is that there are primers that contain SPF as well. Whether you wear the primer by itself or you pair it with foundation and other cosmetics, you’ll be able to get a little extra dose of sun protection while helping your skin to look even better in the process.

Eye Cream
At a certain point, many of us start using eye cream, and the sooner the better considering how delicate the skin is around our eyes. While there are eye creams that don’t contain SPF, plenty does, so it’s yet another option for how you can help protect the vulnerable skin around your eyes from the sun even if you’re wearing sunglasses.

Lip Products
You don’t have to sacrifice a fabulous lip color in order to protect your pout; it’s possible to get the best of both worlds thanks to lip products that contain SPF. There are lipsticks, lip balms, and more that provide a good dose of color and are also infused with SPF. They come in a variety of shades so your entire lip product collection could offer sun protection.

We’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating that any beauty products you use on skin, including cosmetics, are not a substitution for—but rather an addition to—sunscreen. Sunscreen is essentially the best beauty product you can use. Your skin and health are too precious to forgo using enough of it on a daily basis, and that’s the key. Many of us use sunscreen regularly, but it’s just as important to put it on before we leave the house, put enough of it on, and to reapply it throughout the day as it is to use it in the first place.

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