Your Skin Needs An AM & PM Moisturizing Routine

Woman applying moisturizer

Your skin goes through so much day-in and day-out, but one of the best ways to ensure that it stays looking and feeling fabulous is to make sure that you develop an AM & PM moisturizing routine. Don’t worry if it sounds like a hassle, it’s actually pretty easy to do and your skin will thank you for it, especially on days when it’s brutally cold outside. Ready for some tips on how you can go from AM to PM while you easily moisturize along the way?

Pick a Good Day Cream and a Night Cream
While you can typically use the same cream for day and night, it may be better to have one for morning and one for evening, and one of the main reasons is that each contains ingredients that could be beneficial according to particular times of the day. For example, if you’re wearing a day cream with SPF that would be ideal for the day since you’re exposed to the sun’s rays, and some night creams tend to be on the heavy side which may not bode well under daytime makeup. Do you really need both? It depends on who you ask, your particular skin, and what products you’re interested in using. Your dermatologist is the best person to ask for insight on what would be best for your specific skin.

Woman applying moisturizer
Choose the Right Moisturizer
There are many who stick to using the same moisturizer(s) all year long, but it may be best if you switch them up in between seasons. You can use a lightweight moisturizer during the spring and summer, and during the fall and winter when your skin has to battle cold weather is when you might find a richer moisturizer more beneficial.

Prep Your Bag
Your moisturizing products aren’t going to do you any good if they’re always at home, especially considering how many hours you might spend out of the house on a daily basis. Keep little sample sizes in your bag so whether you need a touch-up for dry face skin during the day, your legs are feeling super dry, or you want to apply hand cream to your hands after washing them, you have everything you need with you. If your products don’t come in sample sizes, you can purchase empty travel-sized bottles that will allow you to put a little product in each one and take them with you. Before you leave your home, make sure you have enough on hand of each product to get you through the day.

Moisturize After a Shower
The best time to moisturize is after your skin is wet, such as after you take a shower, to lock in the moisture. Whether you shower in the AM or PM, slather on the moisturizer so you can help ensure your skin stays healthy. Don’t forget to towel dry first so you don’t dilute the product.

Considering how much your skin has to deal with on a daily basis, it makes sense why it would need to be moisturized throughout the day. Yes, you’re going to be using more product, but it’s a much better option than having your skin feel dry and itchy or not look the way you would prefer.

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