Your Healthy Lifestyle May Be Causing Breakouts: What to Do About It

Your Healthy Lifestyle May Be Causing Breakouts: What to Do About It

Many of us want to be as healthy as possible, but did you know that certain things we’re doing in an effort to be more healthy could be leading to breakouts? For example, exercising and taking certain supplements may lead to acne making an appearance. We obviously don’t want to sacrifice our healthy habits if we can help it, so what are you supposed to do if you notice that your healthy lifestyle may be causing breakouts?

Try To Determine The Cause
The best way to figure out what’s going on with the breakouts is to try to determine what’s causing them in the first place. Think back to what you’ve changed as part of your healthy lifestyle since the pimples popped up. Are you wearing new exercise gear? Taking new supplements? Changed your diet? Once you’ve determined why it could be happening, consider switching things up to see if the breakouts cease. You never know; the solution may even be as simple as just showering right after working out or cutting a particular food from your diet.

Use An Anti-Acne Body Wash
Anti-acne body washes are specially formulated to—well—help fight acne, not just what’s there but also to help prevent new breakouts from forming. There are two things to keep in mind, however. Make sure that the product will work on your skin type, and also, know it’s not a substitution for seeing a medical professional for treatment. Before you buy any product, do your research. Read the packaging fully and don’t forget to read reviews to get an idea of how the body wash might work for you.

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Forgo DIYs
There are a lot of DIYs out there on the Internet, and while there are some that are beneficial for clearing up acne, there are many that could cause the problem to get even worse or cause additional problems. Some DIYs might not be a good idea in general, but others are just not ideal for every skin type. Everyone’s skin is different so what worked wonders on one person’s acne isn’t necessarily going to have the same positive effects for someone else. Before you try anything, speak to your dermatologist to determine if the DIY you want to try is good for your particular skin.

See Your Dermatologist
If you’re fed up with the pimples and nothing you’ve tried seems to be working, see your dermatologist sooner than later. They can help you determine what the cause might be and could help you come up with ways to improve your skin. It’s better to come up with a plan together rather than try to go about it on your own and possibly take longer to come up with a solution or risk having the acne get worse. The sooner you make an appointment, the more likely you’ll be able to stop the breakouts and get back to getting on the road to having the skin you desire.

No one is thrilled with having to battle breakouts, but just know that many are dealing with the same issue as you so you’re certainly not alone. Finding out the cause as well as getting proper treatment is absolutely essential. With the right plan in place, before you know it, the breakouts you’re experiencing may disappear and you could get right back to enjoying your healthy lifestyle.

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