Why You Shouldn’t Overdo It on the Perfume

Woman applying perfume

We love a really beautiful perfume, especially one that becomes our signature scent, but the problem is that overdoing it could have some pretty surprising negative effects, some that many might not realize. Don’t worry, you don’t necessarily have to give up using the perfume you love; it’s all about managing how you use it. The following are just some of the reasons why you might want to rethink how much perfume you put on when you’re getting ready.

It could dry out your hair
There are those who put perfume in their hair considering the hair tends to hold scent pretty well, however, there might be a problem with that. It turns out that perfume could actually dry out your tresses if you’re not careful. This isn’t to say it’s going to happen if you apply perfume to your hair once in awhile, but doing it often could result in the fragrance drying out your strands.

Perfume could cause hyperpigmentation
That hyperpigmentation that you suddenly noticed on your skin may be from you spraying perfume on it during the day. While you can typically apply it on your skin at night without a problem, it’s during the day when you should avoid putting it on any areas of your skin that are exposed to sunlight such as your neck and your décolleté.

You could turn other people off
Someone may love you for your personality but not necessarily for your perfume. It’s not always easy for someone to tell you when they have an issue with your perfume especially since it’s such a subjective product, so they may just avoid being in your presence in general just so they don’t have to be around the scent. You might be turning people off from being near you and not even realize it.

Woman spraying perfume

Someone else may be allergic
You may love your perfume, but it could be seriously unpleasant to someone else who is allergic. They may take medicines and take all the necessary precautions and yet fragrances (or at least certain ones, especially when applied in heavy doses) may still have an effect. This is especially important to keep in mind when you work in close spaces with others.

It may attract mosquitoes
Have you noticed more mosquito bites than usual when you wear perfume? Your favorite fragrance might be the problem. A little might not be so bad, but when you apply a good amount, that’s when you may find a multitude of bites all over you the next day. Chances are you’ll find that the scent isn’t worth all the itching and scratching that’s likely to occur.

When it comes down to it, there’s usually nothing wrong with applying a little fragrance, but it’s when someone goes overboard with it that some unpleasant issues may arise. As previously stated, this especially applies to when you work in small spaces with others. Two general rules when it comes to perfume is to be respectful of others and know that a little can go a really long way, so consider switching up your perfume routine and see if you notice a difference.

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