What To Look For In Life-Changing Beauty Products

vine vera banner presents What To Look For In Life-Changing Beauty Products

Many of us have shelves full of beauty products and only use a fraction of them on a daily basis, ones that are our favorites and tend to stand out from the others in terms of results. Then there are those rare few products that are life-changing and make you question how you ever went so long without them, but how do you know that you’ve found something truly special?

The Product Eases Your Nervousness
Were you reluctant to wear red lipstick? To use blush? To do winged eyeliner? Sometimes it takes just one product to get you out of your comfort zone. If you were nervous to use a particular cosmetic for one reason or another, gave it a try and you absolutely loved it, you just might have a life-changing product on your hands.

It Holds Up All Day Long
It can be awful when you think you found a great product and suddenly find it vanishing halfway through the day. For example, maybe your waterproof mascara doesn’t really hold up well to rain or your foundation gave up in 90-degree weather. When your product can hold up well and last throughout the day, it’s definitely a good sign.

It Makes You Strut Your Stuff
When you find a life-changing product, it can actually change your whole demeanor, the way you walk and the way you feel. Strutting your stuff after using a new product because of how well you feel it’s working? Good for you! If it works for you and makes you feel fabulous, then keep on using it.

vine vera banner presents What To Look For In Life-Changing Beauty Products

The Product Makes an Area Feel and Look Better
When you use a particular product, it’s supposed to improve a specific area—such as your hair or your skin—not make you unhappy with the results. For example, if you purchased a hair mask in hopes of turning around your dry- and frizzy-looking hair and it made it look sleek and healthy, then a life-changing product you might have, but if you feel the product worsened your hair, then it’s likely not one you want in your beauty arsenal.

You Don’t Have a Negative Reaction
You could feel the biggest sense of joy when you’ve been having a negative reaction to certain products and finally find one where it doesn’t occur. Maybe you’ve been trying different lotions and all they do is make your skin itch, but you switch over to one and not only does your skin not itch, but it looks and feels better than it has in quite a long time. That just might be a life-changing product for you.

Lastly, if you can’t imagine your life without a particular product and you would be horrified if it *gasp!* got discontinued, then it’s an item you’re going to want to stock up on and keep for a long time. What’s life-changing to one person might not necessarily be seen the same way by someone else, but all that matters is what’s best for you and what makes you feel good when you use it.

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