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Vine Vera Reviews the Top Winter Skin Care Tips


It isn’t easy for your skin, your hair and your nails to live and survive during the winter months. Dry moisture barren air, harsh winds and chilly temperatures can cause a lot of damage to your skin. The centrally heated indoors don’t help matters either because they literally strip out all the moisture from your pores. You might have little control over these factors, but you can follow a few simple tips to prevent your skin from becoming flaky, itchy, dry, red or irritated. Vine Vera reviews the top winter skin care tips in this article.

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Wrap yourself up from top to bottom

Make sure that you protect your skin from head to toe during the winter months. Purchase a warm pair of gloves and wear them every time you step out of the house. Vine Vera recommends you to buy one of those waterproof ones. Don’t forget to add protection for your head and your face and your chest either. Wear a hat and a scarf to keep your head and your neck warm and comfortable.

Increase your exfoliation routines

Exfoliating more often during the winter months is an ideal way of getting rid of those dead skin cells and allowing the skin care products to penetrate into your skin cells better. Exfoliation also promotes faster cell renewal and allows the moist and new skin cells to come to the skin’s outermost surface. This helps to ensure that your skin stays hydrated for a longer period of time.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

Use a daily moisturizer that offers your skin with the right dose of essential vitamins and also provides it with a natural moisturizing element like Shea Butter. Don’t forget to add a hydrating night cream to your nightly skin care routine either. Night creams contain regenerating ingredients like Avocado Oil which help to moisturize the deeper lying layers of your skin and offer you with better looking skin the next morning.

Caring for her skin during wintertime Don’t ignore sunscreens

You need to protect your skin from the harmful UVA/ UVB rays of the sun all 365 days of the year. Make sure that you apply an SPF 30 broad-spectrum sunscreen every single day and re-apply once in every 2 hours of sun exposure.

Take special care of your lips

Your lips have a tendency to dry out during the winter months. Vine Vera advises you to apply a lip balm often and avoid petroleum based products because they can clog the pores of your lips.

Have a balanced diet and take care of the water intake

Eat a healthy diet that offers you with the right dose of vitamins and nutrients to protect your skin and ensure that it stays healthy. Don’t forget to stay internally hydrated by drinking a lot of water during the winter months. Eating well and drinking a lot of water will make you feel great during the winters.

Other Things to Do

  • Stay away from long and hot showers, as inviting as they may seem to be.
  • Stay away from harsh soaps and use gentle cleansers instead.
  • Use hydrating facial masks that help to replenish the moisture content of your face.
  • Apply a Vitamin E enriched lip balm to your lips.
  • Install a humidifier in your home.