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Vine Vera on Top Superfoods for Beautiful Skin and Hair – Vine Vera Skin Care Reviews

Scoops of various superfoods

The secrets to beautiful skin and hair don’t just lie in the skin care and beauty products that you use. The food you eat also plays a huge role in the way your skin looks and feels. Here are some of the best superfoods that can go a long way in giving you beautiful skin and hair. Why do we call them superfoods? Simply because of the fact that they can offer “super powerful” benefits to your skin and your hair. Vine Vera reviews the top superfoods for beautiful skin and hair.


Kale might be more popular than its green cousin, but Spinach is no pushover either. Spinach offers your body with a rich dose of  nourishing Vitamins C and E as well as beta-carotene. All three ingredients are famous for being excellent antioxidants that help to protect the skin from the damage caused by the UV rays of the sun. Try and add about one cup of spinach into your daily diets, either in the form of soups or salads or in the form of a main course vegetable.


Almonds are full of Vitamin E and flavanoids. Flavanoids are considered to be highly beneficial for your heart and Vitamin E is a vital nutrient for your skin’s health. Almonds go a long way in protecting the skin from the free radical damage as well as oxidative damage. According to a study that was conducted by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and  Prevention, almonds can also help in negating the damage caused by smoking.

Bell Peppers

Bell peppers, irrespective of their color, are always famous for being the superstars in your plate. Bell peppers are full of Vitamin C, an ingredient that boosts your collagen production. The body also requires a regular supply of Vitamin C in order to function efficiently because a minor Vitamin C deficiency can lead to issues like split ends, dry hair and skin aging.


Lentils are excellent sources of iron and proteins. Lentils are extremely important for vegetarians and people who have iron deficiencies. The best way to add lentils into your diet is to make it a part of your soup.

Aronia Berries

Aronia Berries are extremely powerful antioxidants that have more polyphenols than blueberries or acai berries. Aronia berries can help you to take care of your acne issues, skin inflammation, fine lines and wrinkles. They also help to increase the blood circulation in your body. These berries taste like tart blueberries and are best had in jams, muffins and smoothies.

Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds have fiber, omega-3 fatty acids and proteins. They can reduce the inflammation levels of your skin and can also help you to regulate your diets because they make you feel fuller for a longer period of time. The best way to consume chia seeds is to add them to your yogurts and juices.

Sea Buckthorn

Sea Buckthorns offer the body omega-7 fatty acids, an ingredient that gives you stronger nails and hair. Omega-7s also allow your skin to hold onto its moisture content. Foodies beware! Sea buckthorns might be high on their benefits, but they are definitely not high on taste.


Lobsters are full of zinc. Zinc protects and maintains the collagen level of your skin and also aids in the skin renewal process. Lobsters are at their nutritional best when they are boiled or added in paellas.