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Vine Vera Cosmetics on Skin Tightening Treatments – Vine Vera reviews

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Have you tried all sorts of skin care treatments and solutions only to find out that nothing seems to be working? Have you clicked on one of those countless online advertisements that they show on websites only to realize that you have been scammed? Have you literally given up your dream of tightening your skin? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you have come to the right place. Skin tightening is not rocket science. All it requires is the right method, the will to stay dedicated and the right guidance. Here at Vine Vera we can point you in the right direction, describe the right methods and help you understand which products to use. What you need to do is somehow find the will of seriously following our suggestions. The end result? The end result shall be truly amazing, not just in terms of your skin tightening, but also in terms of the shape, the tone and the sculpting of your skin. So, if you’re looking to tighten your skin, no single therapy or process is ever going to work wonders. If a skin care product claims to tighten your skin within days, run away. That’s just not possible. What you need is a proper combination of a well defined diet, exercise routine and skin care products. Using this combination should help you get permanent solutions for all your skin tightening issues.


The Exercise Routine – Building your muscles

When your body gains weight or mass, your skin must stretch itself in order to cover it properly. This leads to skin tightening. However, when you build up your body and increase your mass, you need to maintain it in the same state or else you will face loosened skin all over again. One of the best ways of building your muscles is by way of regular exercise. The best part of having a proper exercise routine? It’s completely free of cost and it is very beneficial for your overall health as well.

  • Exercises for the neck and chin area – Stand with your arms on the side and tilt your head back until you can directly see the ceiling. Make sure that you don’t end up straining your neck. Open your mouth and slowly close it. Repeat the exercise about 5 – 10 times per day.
  • Exercises for the arms – Overhead stretches are the best way of tightening the skin around your arms. Sit in a comfortable position and hold one dumbbell in each hand. Rest them at your sides and raise your arms straight out, making sure that your palms face inward. Lift the dumbbells straight up slowly and steadily. Bend your elbows (ensure that your hands land behind your ears). Hold this posture for about 5 – 10 seconds and repeat 10 – 12 times each day.
  • Exercises for your abs – Crunches can help you to tighten the skin around your abs. Start off with basic crunches while lying on your back and making sure that your knees are bent at an angle of 90 degrees. Lock your fingers and place them behind your head. Slowly raise your head and upper back from the floor without bending your neck. Hold the posture for 5 – 10 seconds and repeat 10 – 15 times on a daily basis.
  • Exercises for your legs – To address saggy skin on your thighs, lay down on your left side and left leg lying straight and your right leg bent at an angle of 90 degrees. Prop up your body on your elbow and slowly raise your left leg until you feel a pull on your inner thighs. Hold posture for 10 seconds and repeat 10 times. Do the same for your right leg as well.


The Diet – Eating the right stuff

There are a number of vitamins and minerals that are found in citrus fruits which are associated with skin tightening. Increase the amount of citrus fruits in your diets and make sure that you have at least one every day. Oranges are considered to rank among the most beneficial citrus fruits for your skin.


The Skin Care Routine – Applying the right products

You might have already heard or read about the importance of ensuring that you use the right skin care ingredients and base your decisions on the ingredients that skin care products contain and not their brands. Well, to put your doubts to rest, you heard that right. Any skin care product is only as good as the ingredients it contains and this is where Vine Vera and its unique collections stand out. The Sauvignon Blanc Collection contains a unique mixture of ingredients that work wonders in terms of skin tightening and prove to be the final cog in your efforts towards tightening your skin. This collection contains luxury ingredients such as Resveratrol, Glycerol and Hyaluronic Acid, all of which are known to be extremely beneficial in terms of skin care. What makes this collection so special is that apart from tightening your skin, it can also help out with things like anti-aging, hydration and improving the skin tone. The Vine Vera Sauvignon Blanc Collection has basically been designed to give your skin a tightened appearance and it can easily be used on your face, neck and chest areas.

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