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Vine Vera Cosmetics on How to Apply Eye Creams Correctly – Vine Vera Reviews

Woman applying eye cream under her eyes

Listening to things like delicate, thinnest skin, fragile, prone to the signs of aging about your eye area can be quite disturbing. After all, our eyes are our windows to our soul. They play a huge role in defining our beauty and our appearance. It certainly doesn’t help to feel like they’re a potential time bomb just waiting to burst off at the worst possible moment. The thousands of conflicting pieces of advice for the eye area don’t seem to help either. However, if you find someone who offers you with the right advice for your eye area, you can transform a potential time bomb into one of your strongest assets. And the advice is quite simple. You just need to use eye creams and learn how to use them. 

When to apply

Another thing that you need to take care of is the time when you apply the eye cream. Make sure that you get the timing and the order right because using an eye cream at the wrong time or in the wrong sequence won’t give you any benefits. Eye creams must be absorbed by your skin in order for them to work. The most basic rule of applying skin care products is to use the lightest products first and the heavier ones later. So, if the eye cream is lighter than the serum, apply it before the serum. If it is heavier than your moisturizer, apply it after the moisturizer. Don’t follow standardized skin care routines that are published online blindly. Make sure that the routine works for you and suits your requirements.

How much product to use

Make sure that you don’t use too much of the product. If you have access to a quality eye cream, just three drops of the product should be more than enough for your entire eye area. Even with three drops, you are likely to be left with some extra product. Dial down the amount of product based on your personal experience.

Areas to use it on

There are two areas that need special care – the outer edge and the inner circle. When applying the eye cream to the corner of your eyes, make sure that you use it all the way out. Stop just before the hair line. It won’t hurt you to extend a below your lower lid and cover the part of your skin towards the top of your cheeks. Try to avoid using the cream too close to your eyes. The cream can seep into your eyes if it’s applied too closely to your actual eye. Always maintain a safe distance when using such products.

How to Use

If you haven’t heard this before, this is perhaps the most important piece of advice that we have to offer for your eye area. “The most important aspect of applying eye cream is the technique you use to apply it”. You cannot be heavy handed while applying eye creams. Remember, they are not moisturizers. They are specially formulated products for your eye area that need special applications. Use your finger tips to dab the product onto your eyes in a sideways or a swiping motion. Make sure that you’re gentle about it and always  use your ring finger to apply the product. Why? The muscles of your ring finger are weaker. This should help you to prevent any rigorous rubbing or pulling.

How to maximize the benefits

Did you know that storing the eye cream in your refrigerator can be an excellent way to get rid of your puffiness after a long and tiring night? Vine Vera suggests you to try it out sometime. You’re likely to fall in love with it.


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