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Vacationing in another country can be a real blast. If you’ve never been there before, you’ll be in for a special treat as you find yourself surrounded by new sights, sounds, smells, and atmospheres. You’ll get a chance to try foods you’ve never had before, immerse yourself in a culture and ambiance you’ve never experienced before, and gaze on a landscape you’ve never seen before. On top of that, depending on what country you’re traveling to, there may be some great skin care items to pick up, or treatments to have done.

Woman wearing warm clothes

Dress Warm!
It really depends on where in Europe you’re going (so check local weather reports before you leave), but many parts of Europe have a much cooler climate than you’d be used to in, say, the United States. As such, pack a variety of clothes for all weather types, but make sure you put in more long sleeves, coats, and jackets than you think you need, because you’ll probably be surprised, and being unpleasantly surprised that it’s way too chilly for you and you didn’t bring anything warm enough is not exactly the fun kind of surprise.

The continent of Europe is especially well known for this, and there are several commonly visited countries on most European vacations (because really, with so many countries so close to each other, why wouldn’t you visit more than one on a European vacation?) that offer a host of must-have products and services that—if you’re going out there—you really should take advantage of while you can. On that note, Vine Vera has come up with a mixed list that includes several skin care related tidbits that you should know if you’re going to Europe, from what to buy to how to keep your skin in good shape in the unfamiliar climate.

Pharmacie sign in France.

Check Out a French Pharmacy
French Pharmacies just so happen to be chock full of huge collections of luxurious skin care products you’re not likely to find anywhere else. A lot of this stuff is cutting-edge, highly effective product that comes out in France before it comes anywhere else, so stock up while you’re there.

Woman getting a massage

Get a Swedish Massage
This is a style of massage you can get elsewhere too, but if you happen to visit Sweden, why not get one from the people who invented it? Swedish massages are intensive, all-over messages that go from head to toe, relaxing and rejuvenating every inch of your body.

Woman applying moisturizer

Moisturize Heavily
On the same lines as the above, because of the colder, drier climate, you’ll want to bring extra moisturizer on this trip. Ideally, make sure you’re using a good daytime moisturizer, applied to clean skin every morning, cleansing your makeup at the end of the day, and putting on a night cream after that, which you’ll sleep in. Any combination of Vine Vera’s day creams and night creams would work wonders for this purpose.

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