Types of Exfoliants for Your Face and Body

Woman exfoliating

It’s best if we exfoliate at least once a week in order to help remove dead skin cells in an effort to have beautiful, healthy skin, but did you know that there are multiple types of exfoliants that can help you get the job done? Did you also know there is manual and chemical exfoliation? Don’t worry, it might sound complicated, but once you figure out which option is best for you, the rest could be easier than you anticipate. Let’s talk about four areas that could benefit from exfoliation and how you can get all that dead skin off.

For Your Face
When it comes to exfoliation, you’re likely most familiar with exfoliating your face. There are more options than ever for how you can go about it. For example, you can use the standard exfoliating face scrub that you know and love, but using face peels, a manual face brush, an electric face brush, or a (clean) wash cloth are just some of the many other exfoliating options available for your face.

For Your Body
Onto the body. It’s typically not ideal to use the same exfoliating scrub that you’re using on your face because the skin on the body is so much different. You could use an electric brush that comes with a body brush attachment that’s different from one you would use on the face, and if you dry brush your skin, you’re also going to use a different brush than one you would use on your face. Some of the other body exfoliating options including using a (clean) washcloth, exfoliating gloves, or a body peel.

Woman exfoliating

For Your Feet
When the time of year comes when you start showing off your feet more than ever, you typically notice how much of a toll the harsh winter has taken on your skin. Don’t worry, because you have plenty of exfoliating options for your feet. Some to consider include using a foot exfoliating cream, a foot scrub, a pumice stone, or exfoliating socks/booties.

For Your Hands
By far, one of the most popular options for exfoliating your hands is using a hand scrub. There are plenty available on the market, but some choose to go the DIY route and make it at home instead.

The aforementioned are just some of the many exfoliants that are available to use, but there are a few things to consider about exfoliating before you go out and try a product. The first is that not every option is good for everyone so it’s important to take the time to find the right one for you. One way to do that is by talking to your esthetician as well as your dermatologist, and another is to make sure that you’re doing a patch test with any product you’re planning on using. Don’t forget to do all your research before you even buy the product in the first place, and read customer reviews to see what others have had to say. When it comes to your skin, you can never be too careful.

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  1. Posted by marie, at Reply

    do the product vine vera salt crub remove age spots that are dark on youreskin

    • Posted by VineVera Skincare, at Reply
      VineVera Skincare

      Hi Marie,

      Although continued exfoliation may result in a reduced appearance of age spots over time, the salt scrub does not contain ingredients known to lighten the skin. We recommend using the Zinfandel Collection for achieving a brighter, more even skin tone.

      Thank you,
      Vine Vera