Tips for Healthy Combination Skin

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Although incredibly common, having combination skin can be frustrating because you’re essentially trying to take care of two different types of skin at the same time. The good news is that, once you figure out a routine that works for you and discover what products really make a difference, your skin can be much easier to manage. If you want to keep your combination skin looking fabulous, the following tips may be able to help.

Use a gentle cleanser
When you choose a cleanser, you don’t have to use two separate cleansers, but whatever you do use should be gentle. There are cleansers out there that are specifically labeled “for combination skin” so those are the ones you want to keep an eye out for when you’re perusing the beauty aisles.

Mix it up
When it comes to using other products it may not be so easy to find ones that work well on your combination skin, so it may require you to do a mix and match approach which means you might find yourself using more than one of the same type of product. For example, you might find yourself multi-masking which is essentially using different treatments at the same time on different parts of your face. It can help ensure that all parts of your face are getting the care they need.


Moisturize properly
While you absolutely must moisturize, you’re going to have to do so in a proper way. What might work well on some areas of your face may not exactly have the best results on other areas and you might have a problem. While there are moisturizers that are labeled as being ideal for combination skin, you might find it advantageous to use two moisturizers that are specific for each area of your face.

Don’t skip sunscreen
If your moisturizer doesn’t have sunscreen in it, you’re going to want to make sure you apply it yourself. Ideally, you should put it on your skin about 30-minutes before you leave the house and every couple of hours throughout the day. Don’t forget to put it on areas of your skin that many often skip such as on the neck, hands, and ears.

Exfoliating about once a week is great for all skin types. It has a variety of benefits ranging from removing dead skin cells to promoting cell turnover. Don’t use any product that’s too rough for your skin, and whatever product you do use, know that you don’t have to scrub hard.

Having combination skin can sometimes be difficult to know what to do with, but the best people you can talk to are your esthetician and your dermatologist. They can help you come up with a detailed plan of what products would be best for your skin and how to go about using them. As always, regardless of what products you use, always make sure that you do a patch test to ensure they’re safe to use all over your skin.

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