Tips for Choosing a Pre-Makeup Moisturizer

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When it comes to choosing a moisturizer that you wear under your makeup, it’s not as easy as buying the first one you see on store shelves and calling it a day. There are quite a few factors to consider, one of which is making sure that the product you use isn’t going to contribute to your makeup going on improperly. Properly prepping your skin is one of the best ways to ensure makeup application success. Before you buy your next moisturizer, check out some of the following tips for choosing one that will work for you.

Apply The Moisturizer Properly
We get what it’s like to be rushed in the morning; you just want to put the products on your face as quickly as possible and get on with your day. However, this could result in a look that you’re not happy with, and if you’re rushing off to work, you might not even have time to fix it before you get there. Not only should you apply the moisturizer after the serum, but you should also give it time to dry before moving on to the next step in your skincare routine.

Do A Patch Test
There are many who forgo the patch test, but if you’re looking for a good moisturizer, it’s an important step to ensure that the product and your body are compatible before you slather it all over your skin. The last thing you probably want is to discover you’re having a negative reaction to the moisturizer after you’ve applied it all over your face especially if you’ve already left your home and you’re en route to your destination. Do your skin a favor and do a patch test first.

vine vera reviews Tips for Choosing a Pre-Makeup Moisturizer

Read Reviews
Some moisturizers just don’t work as well under makeup (or in general) as much as we hope that they would. Before you purchase any moisturizer, even if it’s right in front of you on the store shelves, read reviews about it first online to get an idea of how well it works especially under makeup. Pay special attention to the more recent reviews rather than ones that were written years ago.

Try It Out Before Wearing It Out
Moisturizer is supposed to help prep your skin for makeup application, not make it look like everything is caked on your face. Once you’ve read the reviews, ingredients, and directions, do the patch test, and everything seems to be working out well, try the moisturizer out at home when you don’t actually have plans to go anywhere. This will give you time to determine the best application technique, to see how it works under your standard makeup, and to see how it feels on your skin before you wear it out as you normally would.

Choosing the right moisturizer is incredibly important and can make a big difference not just for your skin but for how your makeup looks as well. Don’t hesitate to take your time and find the right product that works for you and your skin. As always, don’t forget to buy a moisturizer that is ideal for your skin type, and opt for one with SPF.

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