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The Vine Vera Winter Hand Care Review: All About Hangnails


If the lack of moisture and dry skin weren’t enough to get you sad or irritated with your skin during the winter months, here’s another reason why you would want the summer months to come back ASAP – hangnails. Yes, those pesky things that often tend to ruin your manicures every now and then. Whether it’s just the skin that hangs out, the urge to get rid of the dangling nail or the pain itself, everything about hangnails is irritating and depressing. This Vine Vera post helps you to understand exactly what hangnails are, how to get rid of hangnails and how to prevent them completely. 

What are hangnails?

Although hangnails might correlate with your nails directly, they are usually associated with your cuticles. A hangnail basically refers to a piece of skin that separates from the side of your cuticle. As a result, it often has more to do with the surrounding parts of your nails, rather than the nail itself. 

What causes hangnails?

There are all sorts of reasons that can cause hangnails. Your nail clippings often lead to hangnails if the nails are trimmed along the lateral aspect of your nail. This means that the cutting begins to come out of the sides, rather than the top. Pushing back your cuticles or cutting them aggressively can also cause a lot of irritation. And this problem usually increases during the winter months because the harsh weathers irritate your dry skin.

How does one get rid of hangnails?

The simplest way to get rid of your hangnails is to ensure that you don’t rip it open and get rid of it the gentler way. Ripping out your hangnails can lead to an open wound which makes it easy for bacteria to infiltrate the wound and lead to an infection known as paronychia. The ideal way to get rid of your hangnails is to soften them for about 5 minutes in warm water and cut them from the base using a nail clipper or a cuticle clipper. It is also important to apply some anti-bacterial ointment after cutting the hangnail and securing the area with a band-aid.

What should you do when you can’t get rid of the hangnail?

When a nail clipper isn’t available, you can use other methods of reducing the irritation. Wash your hands and apply some anti-bacterial ointment over the hangnail. Cover it using a band-aid because the last thing you want is the hangnail to get stuck into something and tear off.  

How to prevent hangnails?

When it comes to preventing hangnails, the only solution available to you is to nourish your cuticles. Become friends with cuticle oil because it helps to improve the overall health of your nails. You should be using some cuticle oil once every day, ideally during your night time skin care routine. Moisturizers that contain Vitamin E can also work wonders because they are very hydrating for the skin and are very effective in treating your scars and nicks.

If you still have questions of issues with hangnails, Vine Vera advises you to consult your dermatologist or your doctor.

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