The Vine Vera Resveratrol Vitamin C Collection

Infographic explaining the Vine Vera Resveratrol Vitamin C Collection.

You’re probably well aware of the benefits of vitamin C for the human body, and how a high blood level of vitamin C (also known as ascorbic acid) is associated with all kinds of health benefits. What you may not have known is that vitamin C is also an amazing, multitasking skin care wonder ingredient, which is why we have an entire collection based around this essential mineral.

Vitamin C has a plethora of benefits when applied to the skin in skincare products like Vine Vera’s, so you’ll find that our Vitamin C Collection contains the right ingredients which can help you with a very wide array of skin issues, from wrinkles to dark spots to softness, and nearly everything in between. The Resveratrol Vitamin C Collection is ideal to serve you well in the ongoing care of your skin.

Resveratrol Vitamin C Cleanser
A good cleanser is a vital part of any skin care regimen, and one which can nourish the skin as it passes over and removes dirt, debris, and makeup, is definitely ideal. The Resveratrol Vitamin C Cleanser does the job of a cleanser perfectly, and as it does, it will give your skin a refreshing and vitalizing feel through ingredients such as resveratrol and vitamin C, and it will feel soothing with various extracts like aloe vera and licorice root. Use this one every day at the beginning of your skin care routine to clean and prep your skin.

Resveratrol Vitamin C Serum
Serums are ultra-concentrated doses of certain active ingredients that you can apply before bed (after cleansing for the night), or you can layer under the rest of your skin care regimen, applying it right to your clean, dry face before anything else, and giving it a few minutes to dry.

The Resveratrol Vitamin C Serum contains a very concentrated, heavy dose of vitamin C and resveratrol to save you from the appearance of skin aging, brighten and even out the look of dark spots or other discoloration, and do everything else that these two wonder ingredients are capable of (if we listed everything vitamin C alone was capable of, we’d be able to write an entire separate article about it. In fact, we already did!).

Resveratrol Vitamin C Day Cream
The day cream in this collection acts as a luscious moisturizer to be used every day as a part of your regular skin care routine. This amazing cream delivers even more Vitamin C and resveratrol to your facial skin to really finish off the treatment, and it always leaves your skin with a hydrated, softened and smoother feel. As an added bonus, this cream also has a healthy dose of vitamin E, an ingredient that quells dryness and keeps the skin glowing healthily.

Resveratrol Vitamin C Peeling
Finally, the Resveratrol Vitamin C Peeling offers a weekly exfoliation solution that will keep your skin always ready to receive the maximum benefit from the rest of the products in this collection by providing top-notch exfoliation experience. Removing all of the dead and damaged skin cells is a must, as they would otherwise get in the way of good skin care.

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