The Total Body Benefits of Antioxidant Rich Foods

Vine Vera The Total Body Benefits of Antioxidant Rich Foods berries

Chances are by now you’ve probably heard how it’s ideal to incorporate more antioxidants into your diet, and how foods such as blueberries, spinach and dark chocolate could have a positive effect on your body, but what exactly are those benefits that everyone’s talking about? While they can obviously vary from one person to the next, the following are just some of the benefits your body may experience when you eat antioxidant-rich foods.

Antioxidants May Help Your Heart
Many of us are concerned that, at some point, something is going to go wrong with our heart, but the good news is that antioxidants may be able to help. It’s believed that certain foods, such as red grapes, could help protect your heart health.

They Can Help Protect Your Eye Health
Eating certain antioxidant-rich foods such as kale could help you protect your eye health, and you can thank the Zeaxanthin and Lutein. While it can certainly be beneficial at any point, it could be even more so as we get older before our eyesight can start to give us problems.

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Your Skin Could Look Better
Antioxidants may help reduce inflammation in your skin, help it to look more radiant, and it could even help slow down premature skin aging. While you can, of course, opt for topical methods which is certainly an idea to consider, eating your antioxidants doesn’t hurt. Onions and blueberries are just two of the antioxidant-rich foods that could prove beneficial.

Antioxidants May Help Prevent Cancer
There are many who believe that eating antioxidant-rich foods may help with the prevention of cancer. No one wants to get cancer and there are many who live in fear of getting diagnosed especially if they have a history of it in their family. Switching things up, such as by cutting down on processed meat and upping your intake of leafy greens, might help to make a difference.

There are still a lot of trials and studies going on regarding antioxidants and their effect on the body and what diseases and conditions they could impact. There is still a lot of unknown out there.

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One other thing to keep in mind when you’re considering changing up your diet is that it’s best to talk to a doctor and nutritionist first, especially if you’re currently dealing with any health conditions. Yes, fruits and vegetables can be great for the body, but you have to do what’s best for your specific body. As previously stated, results can vary from one person to the next, and what might work for one person isn’t necessarily going to have the same effect on someone else. When you come up with a tailored plan, you may even see better results.

Take note that it’s never too late to make lifestyle changes regarding your diet and exercise. Even if you can’t remember the last time you rode a bike, went for a walk, or went to the gym, or your diet consists mostly of processed foods, you can absolutely change things up for the better. It is possible and you can do it.

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