The Best Time of Day to Exercise

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For some, exercising is one of their favorite parts of the day, but there are others who aren’t such fans of it. Then there are those who fall in between; they like it on some days but on others it’s a huge chore. Regardless of the category, you fall into, determining when it is that’s your best time of day to exercise could have very positive results. You may find yourself working out more than you have in the past and actually sticking with it. To try and figure out your ideal time of day to exercise, answer the following questions to get started.

Can You Make it to Work in Time?
Not everyone works 9-5 and not everyone even works during the day. Obviously, your work hours are going to play a big part of when you’re able to exercise. If you’d rather go before work than after, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re able to have enough time to exercise and make it to work in time without being late.

When Are You Most Likely to Exercise?
One of the best times of the day to exercise is when you’re most likely to do it, and if you’re trying to get up at 5am and you hit the snooze button five or six times more often than not so you end up skipping your workout, then it just might not be the best time for you. There are those who are more likely to go on their lunch hour because it’s convenient, and then there are others who are more likely to get going with exercising after work. Think about when you’re most likely to exercise and give it a shot.

Are You a Night Person or a Morning Person?
There are some people, no matter how hard they try, who just can’t get into being a morning person when they’re a night person or vice versa, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If that’s what works for you, then great. However, if you’re not a morning person, forcing yourself to try and get up to exercise may not work out so well, just like it might not work for you to exercise late at night if you like getting up early. With that said, there’s also nothing wrong with shifting your schedule a bit if you’d rather try to be more of a morning person or a night person. The results may be pleasantly surprising.

When Does a Motivator Occur?
One of the best ways to consistently work out is to have a motivator. For example, is there a Zumba class you love taking at 6pm? Does your friend want to start going bike riding at 6am? That seemingly simple motivator might be just what you need to find your favorite and best time of day to exercise.

Ultimately, what it comes down to, is that the best time of day to exercise is when you’re most likely to do it. Don’t hesitate to try working out at different times of day, even if you’ve never exercised at that time before. See how you feel after doing it for about a week and take it from there.

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