Taking Care of Your Skin After A Bikini Wax

Bikini wax

Although quite a few get a bikini wax at any point throughout the year, many are getting ready to make an appointment to get one done just in time for bathing suit season. New to the cosmetic treatment or not, it can be a rather intimidating experience. The best thing you can do is be familiar with what you should do before, during, and after the treatment as far in advance of your appointment as possible. If you’ve never gotten one before or you have but you’re here looking for some additional pointers on how to care for your skin afterwards, the following are some tips to keep in mind that may be able to help.

Don’t Go Swimming
Sorry, but you’re going to have to hold off with swimming for two days after getting a bikini wax, not just in a public or private pool but in the lake and ocean as well. Not only is your skin sensitive but you’re putting yourself at risk for an infection. You’re also going to want to avoid going in a hot tub.

Avoid the Sun
Your skin in that area is much more vulnerable and sensitive after getting a bikini wax so you’re going to want to avoid exposing the area to the sun for at least a couple of days. If you’re going on vacation where a bathing suit will be involved, make sure you get the bikini wax in advance so you give yourself enough time to heal.

Don’t Wear Tight-Fitting Clothing
Your skin is already going to be sensitive enough after your bikini wax, wearing tight-fitting clothing is only going to make it worse and cause the area to be even more irritated, not to mention it could lead to ingrown hairs. Opt for loose, breathable clothing.

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Use the Right Products on Your Skin
After you get a bikini wax, don’t use any products on your skin that have dyes, chemicals, or perfumes. This can range from going airbrush tanning to using perfumed lotions. Opt for products such as a doctor- or esthetician-recommended healing ointment and/or cream which can help the healing process. Cool compresses could also be a big help for easing any discomfort you have. The less you touch and irritate the area further, the better.

Listen to Your Esthetician
If you chose the right esthetician, they should know what they’re doing and they’re going to give you post-care instructions. We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to listen and adhere to these instructions regardless of whether or not you think they’re pointless. Their advice is in the best interest of your health, safety, and comfort.

Should you have any questions about your skin after a bikini wax, especially if the area just doesn’t look or feel right, it’s a must to call the location where you got the treatment done and/or your doctor depending on the situation. Don’t hesitate to call; it’s your skin and health that you’re dealing with, and it’s better to ask questions as early as possible and prevent a problem than to have to handle it after.

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