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Taking Care of Freckley Skin – Vine Vera Reviews

Closeup of a beautiful young woman with freckles.

Freckles. You simply cannot have it both ways when it comes to freckles. You either love them or ya hate them. You either thank them or curse them. You may have loved them as a child, but you seriously cannot tolerate them as a grown up. People have always seen freckles differently, and this has been all too evident in the countless poems and quotes that they have inspired over the years. These scattered spots are usually a byproduct of skin neglect and sun damage. They remind you that you left your skin unprotected for far too long. But, they are totally harmless. And many find them to be very cute as well. Ultimately, it’s about how you look at your freckles. For all those of you wanting to get rid of your freckles, Vine Vera reviews the best tips for taking care of freckley skin.

Facts about Freckles

  • Freckles are light brown colored spots that appear on the sun exposed areas of your skin.
  • Unusual pigmented spots should always be examined by your dermatologist.
  • There are all sorts of treatments to choose from to remove your freckles.
  • Exposure to the harmful UV rays of the sun is the most easy way to increase the amount of freckles.
  • Freckles are usually harmless and rarely develop into skin cancer.

Types of Freckles
There are different types of freckles that are usually classified according to the reason behind their existence. VineVera examines different types of freckles to help you understand what to look out for.

  • Simple freckles – Simple freckles are tan spots that usually appear during the sunny months and fade away once the winter season arrives. These freckles are commonly found in people with fair skin, and they are also known to be hereditary. People with red hair or green eyes are most prone to simple freckles.
  • Sunburn freckles – Sunburn freckles can affect anyone. These freckles usually arise because of unprotected sun exposure and sun damage. They commonly occur in the back and the shoulder and are not known to be genetic issues.
  • Liver spots Liver spots appear on the back of your hands, and some of them could develop into non-malignant cysts. Many of these spots end up getting a darker color and grow into barnacles.

Preventing the Appearance of Freckles
If you are looking to get rid of your freckles, the ideal way to treat them is to prevent them from appearing. The simplest way to do this is to be serious about your sunscreen and protect your skin from UV rays. Vine Vera reviews some of the top tips that can go a long way in preventing the appearance of freckles.

  • Sun protection – Start with sun protection at an earlier age. The damage that is caused to your skin by the UV rays of the sun mostly occurs at a younger age, for that is the time when you’re more serious about playing outside and less serious about protecting your skin from sun damage. It also helps to ensure that you use sunscreens that offer broad-spectrum protection and have an SPF 30 value. Re-apply once in every two hours of sun exposure and try to limit your sun exposure between 10.00AM – 04.00PM.
  • Stay in the shade – If you must venture outside, try to keep to the shade. This is particularly important for anyone with light eyes, light colored hair or fair skin.

Image of a dark-haired girl putting lemons on her face.

Solutions for Freckled Skin
There are a number of treatments and solutions that can go a long way in helping you to get rid of your freckled look. VineVera examines some of the top solutions for freckled skin.

  • Deep peels – Deep peels work by exfoliating the outermost layer of your skin to let you reveal a younger and newer layer of your skin. Since freckles are innocuous spots that appear on the outermost layer of your skin, weekly deep peel treatments could go a long way in helping you reduce your freckles. Moreover, when used in the prescribed manner, deep peels are completely safe and free from any side effects.
  • Lactic Acid– Lactic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid, or AHA, that lightens the skin tone and exfoliates the outermost layer of the skin. Lactic acid is usually derived from sour milk and is commonly used in many exfoliating creams and peels. If you don’t have a product that contains lactic acid on hand, try sour cream for a quick fix in a pinch.
  • Lemon Juice – Lemon juice is another ingredient which can help reduce the appearance of freckles, due to the presence of citric acid, a natural bleaching agent that is commonly used in many skin care products as a pigment reducer.
  • Skin brightening products – Pick up a skin brightening product that works on your dark spots and lightens their tone. These products can reduce the appearance of freckles and leave you with more clear and smooth looking skin. Creams like this are hassle-free and some of them are also known to help you deal with more important skin issues such as anti-aging. Try one of the products in Vine Vera’s Resveratrol Vitamin C Collection, which is aimed at helping improve skin pigmentation.
  • Make-up – Make-up is a great option for making your freckles disappear. First of all, make-up products, like concealer or foundation, can be gentler on skin than some products aimed at reducing freckles. Second, many of us only hate our freckles sometimes, some days we are happy to rock a youthful, freckly look. Make-up is also the best remedy to fall back upon if you need instant results.

If you do have freckley skin, Vine Vera recommends learning to love your freckles. They can make you look unique and are beautiful to look at. And if you really hate them, always remember, prevention is much better and simpler than cure.

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