Surprising Causes Of Breakouts

vine vera Surprising Causes Of Breakouts

One day your face is blemish-free and the next you’re in a panic because you’re seeing pimples popping up on the skin. You’re not alone; it’s happened to many of us. The problem is that there is a host of surprising things that could cause our skin to break out, some of which we may not have even realized could be a problem. Check out some of the following causes that may result in pimples so you can take preventative measures to protect your skin.

Your Hair Products
Your hair products could do great things for your scalp and hair so there’s no way they could cause harm to your skin, right? Wrong. They could actually be contributing to breakouts along your hairline, on your forehead, by your ears, and even on your shoulders and back. Five steps you can take are to wash your hands thoroughly after doing your hair, keep your hair off your face, wipe your face down after doing your hair, wash your hair first then wash your body, and switch your hair products.

Skipping the Post-Workout Wash
You’re exhausted after your workout, but it’s still best if you take the time to shower and wash your face. Sweat mixed with beauty products, makeup, sunscreen, oils, and dirt is a perfect combo for breakouts, especially if you’re still wearing your exercise gear. Change out of the workout clothes and shower and wash your face to combat pimples from showing up on your skin.

Your Cell Phone
Think about how many times your phone is pressed to your face on a daily basis or you touch your phone then touch your face. Now envision all the surfaces your phone has been on all throughout the day. All that bacteria and dirt from your phone could lead to pimples, but cleaning your phone regularly, not pressing your phone to your face, using a headset, and avoiding touching your face with your hands could help with the problem.

Sleeping Without Washing Your Face
As exhausted as you are at the end of the day, take time to wash your face. Not only is it not a good idea to have sunscreen, makeup, dirt, etc, on your face overnight, but it’s all getting on your blankets, sheets, and especially your pillowcases which can then transfer back to your skin. If there’s a time when you really don’t want to wash your face, your next best option is to use makeup wipes, but cleansing properly is still ideal.

If you’re still experiencing breakouts even though you’ve been doing everything possible to fix the problem, and especially if the problem is getting increasingly worse rather than better, it’s time to schedule an appointment with your dermatologist. They can help you figure out what exactly is going on and how to prevent the issue from occurring. It’s better to get that professional insight rather than to have to go about handling the breakouts on your own.

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