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The Vine Vera Skin Care Spa Guide: Spa Etiquette – Vine Vera Review

Young woman getting a massage is covered with a towel

A trip to the spa can turn out to be quite overwhelming for those going to a spa for the first time. However, there is no real reason to worry. Most spas are run by down to earth personnel who go out of their way to accommodate their clients and ensure that you have a pleasant experience. All you need to do is acquaint yourself with a few rules of spa etiquette and understand the basics. From de-robing to those unknown procedures, our second article of the Spa Guide Series shall help you understand the various types of spa etiquette for hassle free and pleasurable spa treatments.

Spa Etiquette # 1 – Book well in advance

Even though you might be allowed a walk-in treatment, most spas prefer that their clients book their treatments well in advance. This gives them time to understand your individual requirements and prepare their processes to suit your preferences. Make sure that you check out the spa’s website and decide on the treatments you would like to book. If you’re unsure of what suits you the best, simply give the spa a call and talk to the receptionist to understand what works best for you. It is also important for you to let the receptionist known whether you have any preferences as to the gender of the spa technician and whether you suffer from any skin or medical issues. Remember, the more information you provide about your condition and preferences, the better the service.

Young girl using sauna facilities at the spa Spa Etiquette # 2 – Dress comfortably

Many people wonder about what to wear on their trip to the spa. Spas around the world are not known to have any strict dress codes and clients are advised to visit the spa in clothes that are comfortable for them. Once you enter the spa, it is always recommended to enjoy body treatments and massages without clothes. You can still wear your undergarments if you feel uncomfortable, but it can hamper the massage or the body treatment. In any case, professional draping is a must all throughout the service to respect the client’s privacy so you will be covered by a sheet or towel. The best spas also provide their clients with robes and slippers and always advise them to take a shower upon arrival.

Spa Etiquette # 3 – Arrive at least 15 minutes early

A visit to the spa is your ticket to some much needed R&R. If you arrive at the spa 10 – 15 minutes early, you can prepare yourself for the treatment and unwind. Many spas also offer their clients steam rooms, hot tubs and saunas before and after the service, so you can always take advantage of these facilities if you wish.

Spa Etiquette # 4 – Speak out about your concerns

Your technician will not be able to understand your preferences if you don’t speak up. If you find the pressure to be too much or the water to be too cold, you need to let them know. If you feel uncomfortable, you need to speak up. Remember, the technician who performs the procedure is a human as well and he or she cannot read your mind. It helps to be honest with your technician about what you like and what you dislike. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions along the way or provide feedback. In fact, most spa technicians prefer it if their clients are vocal with their requests.

Young woman getting a massage is covered with a towel Spa Etiquette # 5 – The issue of nudity

There are a number of treatments that require you to shed your clothes. In fact, if you go in for body treatments and massages, most spas advise you to shed your clothes completely. You can always keep your undergarments on, but this is likely to hamper with the process and make it less effective. There is no need to feel uncomfortable about nudity. In any case, all spas must ensure draping all throughout the service, usually covering clients with a sheet, blanket or towel.

Spa Etiquette # 6 – Be comfortable

Falling asleep during the treatment and snoring is quite common. In fact, it is the best compliment that you can offer to the therapist as it means that your body is completely relaxed. Most therapists work on different pressure points during a treatment. This can sometimes lead your body to behave in unexpected ways . There is no reason to become embarrassed if you have gas, it happens all the time. The best way to handle it is to ignore it completely. Moreover, the therapists don’t watch out for your body flaws. They only bother about any dry patches on your skin that might need to be nourished before they begin the treatment. So don’t feel uncomfortable about any body defects.

Spa Etiquette # 7 – Drink plenty of water

Spa treatments mainly aim to release toxins from your body. As a result, they can be quite dehydrating. Make sure that you drink plenty of water before and after the treatments to keep your body hydrated.

Spa Etiquette # 8 – Turn off your cell phone

It is common courtesy to turn off your cell phones at public places and a spa is no different. Most spas across the world prohibit the use of a cell phone within their premises. Make sure that you do not attempt to take any calls while at the spa. You would come across as quite rude to the staff as well as the other guests at the spa. The best thing to do is switch off your cell phones and keep it in one of the lockers before your treatment.

Young woman handing her card to pay for spa services Spa Etiquette # 9 – Tipping

Even though tipping is not mandatory, you should tip the therapist for their efforts. The amount you tip depends on the type of spa being visited by you. Generally, it is customary to tip about 10% of the bill. However, certain luxury spas include a service charge, thereby negating the need to tip.

Spa Etiquette # 10 – Cancelling the appointment

Most spas follow a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you cannot make it for your appointment, make sure that you inform the spa as soon as you possibly can. For all you know, you might get charged if you miss the cancellation deadline. It also helps to inquire about the cancellation policies while booking the service itself. This helps to ensure that there are no problems later on.

Following this guide to simple spa etiquette can ensure that you have a pleasurable experience and get the most out of your trip to the spa. Remember, it always helps to be vocal about your feelings and shedding all your inhibitions.