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Skin Recovery After a Serious Night Out

Woman enjoying a night out

Nights out on the town can be loads of fun, and you will probably come back with all kinds of fun and hilarious stories to tell—assuming you remember any of what happened—but you’ll probably come home with a few less desirable things on top of that. Namely, a hangover, sleep deprivation, and—get this—damaged skin, or at least skin that’s in bad shape and at risk of sustaining long term damage if you don’t act fast.

See, wild, fun nights out can be really fun, and a great way to let loose and blow off steam and frustration, but they come with a price. To make sure your skin stays as healthy and radiant as ever, follow Vine Vera’s tips on how to recover from a serious, hard night out.

Woman having water in a bar.

Drink Lots of Water
This is especially important during the night out; you should be drinking a glass of water in between every alcoholic drink.

That said, while we highly encourage you to drink plenty of dihydrogen monoxide (that’s just a really fancy/scientific way of saying water, by the way; impress or trick your friends with that one sometime), this is a “recover from” list for a reason; generally, we don’t think about things until the morning after. The good news is, while your dehydration headache (alcohol causes severe dehydration if you’re not careful) as well as your dry, ashy skin (another side effect of dehydration), may be worse the next morning as a result, they’re totally fix-able. Just drink lots of water, and remember that lots of sips over a few hours is better than chugging a ton all at once. Get your hydration from plain water if at all possible. Things like adding a hint of lime, or drinking coconut water, are fine, because you’re still drinking almost pure water, but stay far away from sugary drinks like Gatorade; sugar dehydrates too.

Woman having coffee to cure hangover.

Be Careful With Caffeine
A lot of people swear by caffeine as both a hangover cure and a way to sober up fast. Regarding caffeine as a “sobering” technique, you can through that right out; it’s simply false. In regards to caffeine to help cure hangovers, however, it’s a bit muddier. If you have a caffeine habit and know you’ll get a withdrawal headache (which will compound with your hangover headache and make everything that much worse) if you don’t get any in the morning, go ahead and have a little; maybe some green tea so you get just enough to avoid the headache. If you don’t normally have caffeine every day, though, you can avoid it altogether. The jury’s out on whether it actually helps with hangovers or not, so listen to your body and consider it carefully.

Woman taking pills.

B Vitamins, Stat
One thing that definitely does help both your headache and your skin after a hard night out is B vitamins. Try to have a B-vitamin supplement on hand that contains a full complex, with 100% daily value of each B vitamin, and keep it around for just this purpose, or consider simply taking it every day; B vitamins are very beneficial for your skin and your energy levels.

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