Reasons It’s Important to Do a Patch Test

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It’s easy to get a new product and right away want to rip open the packaging and use it, but that’s not the best idea. Doing a patch test is so very important, but there are many who forgo that step in favor of just using their new makeup or beauty products. Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, it’s still a good option. The following are just some of the reasons why a patch test should be part of your beauty regimen.

It’s An Easier Way to Test for Compatibility
Should you have a negative reaction to a product, would you rather find out via a small patch of skin or after you applied the product all over? Chances are it’s the former, and not only is a patch test an easier way to test for compatibility, but it’s likely going to be a lot more simple to treat than if the product was applied over a larger area.

It Makes It More Simple to Pinpoint A Problem Product
Let’s say you go on a beauty product shopping spree and buy several items, then you go home and right away use them all. It’s exciting to try new products, but here’s the problem. If you have a reaction, how are you going to know which product is likely the culprit? It’s not so easy to pinpoint which product is causing you a problem when you used more than one new one, especially if they were used on the same area, such as on your face. A patch test can be a huge help.

You Can Avoid Serious Pain and Discomfort
As previously stated, it’s much easier to find out via a small patch that your skin and a product aren’t compatible, but think of the pain and discomfort level possibly involved regarding doing a patch test vs. not doing one. Should you have a bad reaction over a larger area of skin, chances are the pain and discomfort is going to be much greater than if the product had only been applied on a small area.

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You Could Still Develop Reactions
Okay, so we have some bad news for you. Did you know that you could actually develop reactions over your life, ones that seem to come out of nowhere? Unfortunately, you can develop an allergy to products any time even if you’ve used them before. For example, you may have used a particular body lotion several times and it seemed perfectly fine, but there may be a time when you use it again and notice a negative reaction.

If you have a reaction to a product, it’s not something you want to take lightly even if it seems like nothing. Although it can be simple to self-treat, especially in the age of the Internet, it’s a much better option to immediately discontinue using the product and contact your dermatologist to figure out what to do. This is especially important if you have sensitive skin or you’re dealing with any particular skin conditions. It could make treating the reaction much easier than going about it on your own.

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