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Protect Your Skin from Sun Damage – Vine Vera Reviews

Applying sunscreen to protect from sun damage

The sun can certainly give you super painful sunburns, but it can wreak much more damage than simply causing sunburns. Experts believe that unprotected and prolonged exposure to sunlight can lead to all sorts of skin issues like brown spots, accelerated aging, wrinkling, drying and skin cancer. The problem isn’t in understanding that the sun can damage the skin, the problem is in avoiding the sun. Now, that can be tricky. After all, we do need to go about our everyday lives, something that is next to impossible without exposing ourselves to the sun’s rays. Vine Vera examines the best solutions that allow you to protect your skin from the sun, without breaking too much sweat.

Become religious about sunscreens
Most of us are aware of the threats posed by the UV rays of the sun, but we still end up being lazy about our sunscreens. Getting lazy when it comes to protecting the skin simply won’t cut it in the modern day world, if you wish to look beautiful that is. Sunscreens are your main defense against the UV rays of the sun. The UV rays include the UVA rays (causes wrinkles and aging) and the UVB rays (causes sunburns and skin cancer). Choosing a broad spectrum sunscreen means that you can protect your skin from both UVA and UVB rays and ensures that the skin stays younger for longer. Another important thing to look at while choosing your sunscreen is the SPF (Sun Protection Factor). The American Academy of Dermatology recommends using a broad spectrum SPF 30 every single morning, irrespective of the weather or the conditions outside. You need to apply it about 15 minutes before going outside and re-apply once in every two hours of sun exposure.

Cover up
Almost one million Americans suffered from skin cancer in the year 2005. And this number hasn’t really decreased, despite the increase in awareness with regards to skin cancer. One of the best ways to save yourself from sun damage and associated diseases is to cover yourself up. The sun’s rays are at their peak between 10AM to 4PM and it makes sense to stay indoors during this time. If you must go out, make sure that you cover yourself up with the help of clothing made from dark and tightly woven materials.

Wearing a hat to protect from the sun

Protect the ears
People usually forget to cover things like the top of their ears, their nose and their décolleté area. Vine Vera recommends you to wear a hat that has been made using tightly woven fabrics to protect all such exposed areas. You should also wear a hat that has a 2” to 3” brim to protect the skin on your ears, your neck, your face and your nose. 

Wear UPF clothing
UPF clothes have a special coating that allows them to absorb UVA and UVB rays. As with SPF, the higher the UPF, the better the protection offered. It is important to note that if your UPF clothes get wet, the protection is reduced by half.

Avoid sunbathing
There is no such thing called a healthy tan. Sun bathing is pretty much a no for everyone, but it is extremely bad for people with fair skin. If you simply cannot give up on sunbathing, Vine Vera recommends you to take it slow and offer added protection to your skin.

Avoid tanning beds
Even if you cannot avoid sunbathing, you simply have to stop using tanning beds. You might hear that tanning machines only produce UVA rays, but did you know that UVA rays penetrate far deeper into your skin and actually increase the risk of skin cancer over time?

Learn to deal with photosensitivity
There are certain drugs that can make your skin very sensitive to the sun. Avoid sun exposure when you take these drugs because they simply increase the risk of sunburns. Talk to your doctor about the possibility of sunburns because of your medications.

Moisturize Your Lips
Don’t ignore the skin on your lips. After all, they age as well. The thin skin on our lips is very vulnerable to sun damage and the only way to prevent damage is to use a lip balm.

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