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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Campaign

Mother's Day Campaign

She’s been there to pick you up when you’re down, to cheer you on during the most difficult situations and to celebrate every momentous day. So when it comes to Mother’s Day, sometimes it may seem there isn’t a gift you can give to repay her for all she’s done through your life.

You don’t want to get her just any gift. After all, your mom may be a daring spirit or peaceful soul, so why would you get her just the generic gift certificate to her local restaurant?  The best way to pamper mom is to get her a gift that fits her personality and lifestyle. Here are five types of moms and the best gifts for them:


Mom paddleboarding with sun

This mom isn’t one to sit on her behind. She’s too busy parasailing, kayaking or exploring new places to be luxuriating at home. She loves the unexpected and is full of zest for life. This mom always keeps you on your toes — so sometimes she’s the hardest person in the world to shop for.

What to get her: If your mom loves trying new things, give her an experience that she’ll never forget, whether it’s signing her up for paddle boarding or a meal at an exotic new restaurant in town. This type of mom indulges more in memories than common tokens, so give her what she’s looking for.

Product match: This mom probably spends lots of time out doors exposing her skin to lots of stressors on a daily basis. The Resveratrol Vitamin C Peeling will help clear away the dirt and dead skin that accumulates from all her activities.


Mom relaxing at the spa in a fluffy robe

She is your source of calm and tranquility who always knows the right thing to say when times get rough. She speaks softly and her strength is in her actions, not necessarily in her words. She always makes you feel at peace. Zen mom may not be the most exciting mom on the planet, but she is the perfect mom for you.

What to get her: This type of mom is usually one for simplicity and relaxation. A spa day may be the perfect getaway for this kind of mom, whether indulging in massages or yoga. If you’re seeking an item, try a simple piece to spruce up her house, whether it’s a piece of furniture with clean lines or a bright green plant for her garden.

Product match: For the mom who loves to relax the Resveratrol Pinot Noir Phyto-Silk Mask is the perfect gift. She can lay back and kick her feet up while the Mask does its magic on her skin.


Mom in the kitchen cooking

She’s the hostess with the mostest and your favorite cook. She loves throwing a dinner party, spending a night out on the town drinking fabulous cocktails or gabbing it up with her girlfriends over coffee or dinner. This kind of mom loves good food and good company, which makes her the ultimate home entertainer.

What to get her: A gourmand like your mom always needs presentation platters and things to make her job in the kitchen easier. Look for items that may bring out her kitchen creative side, whether it’s a three-tiered stand for tea sandwiches or a wine that she can use to create a new dish.

Product match: Being in the kitchen so much near the hot stove and oven can dry out skin for the mom who loves cooking. Treat her to the Resveratrol Chianti Overnight Recovery to restore moisture and radiance overnight.


Mom teaching her daughter how to lace up a pair of sneakers

She’s practical, savvy and smart, often the voice of reason in both her office and home. She loves a good crossword on a Sunday morning and peaceful movie nights on the couch with those she loves. She doesn’t have a lot of frills, but she is often the rock in your world and loves her family more than anything.

What to get her: This kind of mom may enjoy a weekend getaway or daytrip to clear her head. Look up local destinations that the whole family can join in to give your mom a change of scenery. If you’re looking to purchase a more significant item, an elaborate picture frame with beloved family photos may fit the bill, too.

Product match: Sometimes mom thinks so much about her family she forgets about herself. Give her the gift of a little me time with a Resveratrol Merlot Facial Serum. She can put it on at night before bed, without taking time away from her family, and feel great looking in the mirror the next morning.


mom and child get paint allover themselves

She’s quirky and off-kilter in the best of ways. Your mom isn’t the typical mom who’s baking cookies. She may be off taking a sculpture class or even dying her hair pink. No normal Mother’s Day gift is right for this mom, who may not fit standard mom clichés for this holiday. She’s a fun mom who always gets you to try interesting things.

What to get her: Indulge her artistic side by heading over to your local craft shop for paints and canvas, or get to her inner actress by taking her to a play and buying her a copy of the script. This kind of mom responds best when you play to her favorite activities, so focus on something that’s close to her heart.

Product match: She lights up your life with her light hearted approach to life so why not give her the gift of illuminated skin. The Resveratrol Zinfandel Illuminating Mask helps to even out and brighten skin tone letting mom light up the room.

What gifts are you planning for mom this Mother’s Day?

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  1. Posted by PAT, at Reply

    It was always a special moment when I helped my mother bake

  2. Posted by Barbara Hutcheson, at Reply

    I think we are going on a picnic-my son mentioned that we go for Mothers Day so I will bring my mom along too

  3. Posted by IreneN, at Reply

    I had an extreme case of measles and wasn’t able to read and I remember Mom taking the time to sit with me, reading the rest of the book I had been reading before I got sick.

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  5. Posted by marian boll, at Reply

    Great prize for my brand new granddaughter being a first time mom this year…

  6. Posted by Debbie, at Reply

    It was always a treat to go with my mom when’s she went grocery shopping. She would let me pick out the groceries and let me put in the cart. It was special. I miss my mom so much

  7. Posted by connie danielson, at Reply

    My special moment was on April 2nd,2014, my sisters and I celebrate our mom’s 95th birthday! It was a wonderful party! connie danielson

  8. Posted by becky, at Reply

    my mom and i have special moments when we go shopping and we talk about things that i am going through. She is always there when i need her

  9. Posted by krishneel, at Reply

    my mom and i have special moments when I talk to her after a long time…

  10. Posted by David Fultner, at Reply

    sound nice

  11. Posted by Tyneisha Fondren, at Reply

    My mom was such a vibrant person, it’s hard to think of a moment with her that WASN’T special! But if I had to choose one, it’d be when she took me with her to Take Your Daughter to Work Day. Seeing her in her nursing uniform and helping her care for patients throughout the day gave me a new appreciation for what she did. I was only 14 but I could recognize the pride on her face. We had no clue that just a couple years later, she would become the patient, and a few years after that, she’d succumb to her illness. I miss my mom, but 7 years later and now with two kids of my own, I think of her often as I strive to be as special a mom to them as my mother was to me.

  12. Posted by Selma, at Reply

    Just simple, It’s AMASING 😀

  13. Posted by Shikha Jain, at Reply

    I alwayz share special moments being with my mom but once when i was pregnant and before going to labour room i was too much scared .inspite of arguing my husband to send someone with me in labour room with doctors theu didn’t allow. Then My mom went to The Head of the Hospital(Medical Supritendent) to requestthen she allowed her to be with me during the labour and belive me this was the most safest moment for me. I gave birth to baby girl without any problem. This is the MOM…..

  14. Posted by alona y, at Reply

    My mom and I seem to have special moments all the time, mostly through the ability to talk for hours on end and connect with each other on a level that I can’t reach with anyone else in my life!

  15. Posted by Debra Pearlstein, at Reply

    I can still remember how my Mom used to sing me to sleep every night. She had sung opera in college and had a beautiful voice, but, she sang me a simple song, “Sweet and Low”. It always made me feel safe and happy.

  16. Posted by nikki robak, at Reply

    My special moment with my mom happened at my first sober birthday. It had been a hard year and I was still putting my mom through the wringer, after 17 years of drinking and drugging. My mom got up and spoke about how I made her life more complete and she thanked everyone for having a hand in keeping me sober. It was beautiful and healed a lot of hurt feelings.

  17. Posted by kathy downey, at Reply

    we are going fishing to the cabin and making a special dinner

  18. Posted by Yvonne Tabaracci, at Reply

    Every moment I had with my mom was special.

  19. Posted by alihaider, at Reply

    I love my mom ‘s smiling face even in woe.Her love is always with me&I too try my best to satisfy her though my deeds.

  20. Posted by Linda Szymoniak, at Reply

    When my daughters were younger, they used to participate in competitive tumbling and my mom would go to nationals with us. One year we went to Cocoa Beach and after we were done for the day, we’d go down to the beach for the girls to splash in the water and play on the sand. I loved just spending time with my mom and my kids. I miss my mom more than words can express.

  21. Posted by Daniela Tapia, at Reply

    I will always cherish the moments we share together and appreciate when I had my first daughter back in 2007. I was pregnant at 18, stood on my own as a single mom, I didn’t know what I had gotten myself into but thank God I had my mom besides me to take care of me, she stood besides me when my daughter was born and the two of us raised my daughter with our love !

  22. Posted by Loraine Ellis, at Reply

    A special moment is when my mom took me to a bakery in germany that she always loved when she grew up and we had breakfast with my brother on the sidewalk and enjoyed the passerbys.

  23. Posted by Murial, at Reply

    Our most special moment together was when we traveled to South Africa to say goodbye to my mother’s dad as he died from cancer.

  24. Posted by Karen Sargent, at Reply

    Any moment with my mom is special, I enjoy her company. I think the moments that stand out to me the most are the vacations we took together when I was younger. We didn’t go far but she always made sure I had an amazing time!

  25. Posted by Laura Richardson, at Reply

    My special mom was during the birth of my daughter. I was exhausted and ready to give up, but my mom held my hand tight and reminded me how strong I am and that I could do it. It was so nice having my mom there as I became a mom myself!

  26. Posted by connie danielson, at Reply

    I would love to win this wonderful giveaway! I just had a birthday party for my mom who is now 95 years old! She lives out of town and so I was really happy to be able to spend the day with her.

  27. Posted by rosa rogers, at Reply

    My special moment with my mom was when she was sick and i came to the room and her face just lighted up..She told me she loved me and went back to sleep..I can’t have those moments anymore but i have those memories with me..I love my mom and miss her very much.

  28. Posted by Ashwini, at Reply

    Last year, my mother had to undergo an eye surgery for a displaced retina that had happened because of a car accident. She was discharged from the hospital right after surgery, and my mom spent the following week in bed with her operated eye covered up in cotton and bandages. That week our entire house was silent, partly because we were to allow my mother to rest in silence; but mostly because there was an air of gloom around the house as my mother was ill. Everything was out of place – we couldn’t find our books and shoes in time for school, there was no breakfast so we had to fend for ourselves at the school canteen, the house was in a mess as my mother, the person who handled everything in the house was unwell. We realised how indispensable our mother was in our lives, and we love her. 🙂

  29. Posted by ina darmayanti, at Reply

    My mom always look so happy if all of her child come to her house. And i want to make a party collecting all my family to get a special dinner for my mom. She prefer that than things

  30. Posted by Jennifer L., at Reply

    My mom is such a caring and kind person. I’ve never known such a great listener. I appreciate her so much.

  31. Posted by Renee ten Oever, at Reply

    It is not just one moment, but I love how my mother is a silent force. How she is the one who keeps all of us on track without ever wanting something for herself or claming centre of attention. She watches us making mistakes and fall on our faces and is always there to pick us up and make us see the lesson in itband grow as a person and an adult.
    I came across Vine Vera when visiting Londen en fell in love with its purity. I’d love to share this with my mom who so deserves it!

  32. Posted by Jessica C, at Reply

    A special moment I had with my mother was when I was a teenager we would sit in front of the tv everyday during the week to watch the price is right 🙂

  33. Posted by Karina, at Reply

    I had a special moment with my mom when we took a 2-week trip together to PERU! It was amazing, and definitely my favourite trip ever since I got to spend it with my wonderful mom.

  34. Posted by Darlene, at Reply

    The most special moment was when I told her she was going to be a Grandmother for the first time

  35. Posted by AMARDEEP KAUR, at Reply

    Its so wonderful experience.

  36. Posted by renee h, at Reply

    My Mom is so special because she is so caring, unselfish and just a wonderful woman. The special moments my mom and i have are simply going out for a coffee and catching up, talking about our problems, etc, she is the only person i can trust to tell everything to.

  37. Posted by Selina Mira, at Reply

    My special moment with my mom was when I was 7 years old she had a beautiful collection of china. I would ask her why we did not use them as they were always in the cabinet. She told me they were only for special occasions. On my 7th birthday she surprised me with a special lunch party with six of my friends and my older sister. She served lunch, of course my favorite Mac and cheese on her China. The best part was the arrangements of cakes and we had orange tea after. I felt like such a princess using her beautiful china. Oh what a great memory.

  38. Posted by Helga, at Reply

    My special moment with mom was helping her prepare a nice dinner as a child. She taught me how to cook by giving me little tasks like peeling garlic.

  39. Posted by md Kennedy, at Reply

    When I was four I contracted chicken pox and miserable that I had to stay inside the house. One afternoon my Mom went up the street to spend some time with a friend – I figured if I put a sweater on I could go outside even without my Mom’s permission. So out I went and sat on the curb with a stick saving worms from drowning in the gutter, one of my all-time favorite post-rain activities. My Mom saw me and came screeching down the sidewalk yelling at me to get back in the house. But when she saw I was doing one of my favorite things, she stopped, let me finish while she kept the other kids way from me and only then lugged me back into the house. More than 40 years later I will never forget her letting me have my way!

  40. Posted by Frances, at Reply

    I remember back when I was a senior in high school when I had exams such as the SAT or the ACT and also exams for 6 other classes. It was a very stressful time for me getting ready for college. I wouldn’t get enough sleep many nights ,but I got through it because my mom stayed up late with me. She would be reading her book on my bed while I studied at my desk. About every hour she would ask me if I was hungry or thirsty. Sometimes I would catch her falling asleep as well because she works 2 jobs. I really have grown to appreciate her more and she sacrifices so much for her kids no matter how tired she is. I knew I was going to need support at such a stressful time in my life and I’m thankful everyday to be so blessed with such a wonderful and selfless mother . It’s the way that she is so genuine and asks for nothing in return and remembering back to those sleepless nights I made it because she was there with me every step of the way.

  41. Posted by Amy, at Reply

    Telling my mom I was pregnant was a pretty special moment to me. It really meant a lot to me that she cried with happiness rather than get mad at me for being young.

  42. Posted by Meg Buckley, at Reply

    My mom was a gentle, loving, professional nurse who created a family of nurses! At the end of her journey with Alzheimers disease, while caring for her one evening, I said (in an exasperated tone) “I wish I had someone to bring me supper, help me shower, wash and dry my hair, change my sheets, do my laundry, brush my teeth and sing music with me…. ” She replied, as clear as a bell: “Forget it! Those days are over!” I miss her laughter and smiling eyes. This… and every.. mothers’ day, I hold her dear in my heart.

  43. Posted by Traci, at Reply

    My mom has always put my brother and I before herself. She worked hard to make sure we had everything we needed. She always wore the same clothes to work so we could have a variety of clothes to wear to school and not be without. I always remember her working so hard and never complaining. She was always happy. I appreciate all the sacrifices that she made. My mother gave me the best gift I could ever ask for. She taught me how to put others before myself and do it with respect and kindness. We didn’t have many material things when I was younger. However, I didn’t miss the material things. My mom provided us with love, happiness and encouraged us to be the best we could be by working hard. She dedicated her lives to us, provided us with christian values and always made us feel wanted. My mom loves this product so much. It was given to her as a gift. It makes her feel good about herself and that is priceless. So my special moment with my mom was her ability daily to make me feel special all the days of my life. Thanks mom!

  44. Posted by helen leong, at Reply

    may is special month as my mom’s and my daughter’s birthdays falls on this month …going to bring them out for their special liking in japaese food-bento …:)

  45. Posted by karen petrychko, at Reply

    Some of my best visits and chats with my Mom have been just while we were doing up the supper dishes. I even carried that calm quite time over with my own children now.

  46. Posted by Monika, at Reply

    There are so many special moment I had with my mom. I miss her so much. I live in Canada and my mom is in Germany. Can’t wait to see her in two month.

  47. Posted by Miles, at Reply

    I remember going with my mother on her daily walks. I always felt like I had to practically jog to keep up but it was great to be able to spend time alone with my mom.

  48. Posted by Debra Logan, at Reply

    My Grandma and I made pomegranate jelly together she is 94 years old. It my first year jarring and learning new things in my late 47’s. That was are moment and wanting to spend as much time with her, In the fall when I pick the tree, I will tell her, I forgot. hehe. She is still going strong, bowling on a team, taking care of the house also The woman’s club. One strong woman she is and I am proud.

  49. Posted by Dale, at Reply

    When we spent a week away together this year and had time to just relax and hang out.

  50. Posted by Trisha, at Reply

    I had severe Asthma and lung problems as a child and my Mom would always be there to help me breathe and relax. She always fixed me instant mashed potatoes (my childhood favorite) when I couldn’t keep much down. I remember her always sitting there by me to help me breathe during an attack or pneumonia. She was my rock and I miss her so much!

  51. Posted by Tabitha, at Reply

    In my crazy high school days when I was always out doing things I probably shouldn’t have been doing, I could always count on my mom if I needed her. There were a couple of times where me and my friends would be stranded, too drunk to drive, and my mom was always the person we could call to come rescue us from a messy situation.

  52. Posted by Shannon, at Reply

    First of all I would like you to know I idolize my mother. She is the strongest woman I know. While growing up she had Hodgkin’s Disease (cancer of the lymphatic system) yes still made sure she made us healthy and balanced meals 3 times a day. Then as she got older, skin cancer, then breast cancer and then had a heart attack and is now living with a pacemaker. Through all of this (and actually more) she has never complained a day in her life. Not once. I can’t give a specific moment that was special with my mother because every time I see her is special. She is alive and I cherish every moment with her.

  53. Posted by MOHAMMAD MASOOD, at Reply


  54. Posted by Gabriele Jolly, at Reply

    My grandma raised me from birth til age 8. Spending time with grandma was always special she taught me everything that I know and that I am. I’ll always be grateful to her for that. I miss her so much.

  55. Posted by shaunda johnson, at Reply

    My Mother is a well grounded Woman, she raised 3 children on her own. Even though being a single mother A lot of time. she always hung her head up high and never let us know if she was sad or overwhelmed. She has taught me to be a’m her strong woman over the years, especially since I’m her only daughter. Well now the tables have turned and now I take care of my mother, I have been her Caregiver for the fast 8 years. it can be tough and overwhelming at times. You never think that your Parent will get old and sick and disabled. So for the past almost year she has not been able to everyday things. So my favorite Mom Moment is when I go to visit and spend time with her, she so happy. Because she is now home bound…

  56. Posted by Bev Dunigan, at Reply

    My mom was in the delivery room when each of my three kids were born. She was so excited about the whole thing, she even went to Lamaze classes each time.

  57. Posted by Joyce, at Reply

    Love to win

  58. Posted by Happy, at Reply

    my best moment with mom is when we sit together at night when i come from before going to bed,and she tell me things that i know nothing was during one of those moments that she told me how she meet my father and how she gave birth to me at home before she could be taken to the hospital. it is such a moment.

  59. Posted by nilsa ubeda, at Reply

    my mon and I have special moments when we go to diner and lunch all the time .My mon was such a vibrant person

  60. Posted by rose hallberg, at Reply

    I remember when I bought first car all on my own, my mothers face was beaming with pride. I’ll never forget the way it made me feel. Love you mom

  61. Posted by Daniel Basarich, at Reply

    It is a great day when I help wash the dishes after my mother makes a great meal.

  62. Posted by Jennifer Bennett, at Reply

    Having bought this and found it fantastic I know my Mum would have loved it, but sadly she passed away, however I am sure she is looking down with approval!

  63. Posted by Alexis, at Reply

    I actually bought one of the peeling rubs with my boyfriend it made his skin so soft and the guy helping us was amazing 🙂

    Me and my mother don’t talk to much but every time Im upset she always finds time for me. A couple months ago my boyfriend of over a year of being together broke up with me for no reason so my mom took me shopping to cheer me up and told me about her past boyfriends and how life moves on. I had never really sat down and talked to my mom much because she always was working and she seems so stressed when she gets home so it was a little awkward talking to her about it but afterwards I felt so much better. She always found time for me no matter what and spent most of her tine at work so she could buy me nice things. I didn’t realize it but she does care about me but she also wants me to have the best so she works more than she should at her work to give me everything i ask for. I dont really get to thank her much but I always wished I had a better relationship with my mom and I want to show her I love her and thank her for all she does for me I think this would be a perfect gift for her so she can relax and take all the stress of her day away 🙂

  64. Posted by Cheryl Bartlett, at Reply

    My mom has had both hips replaced, a knee replaced, a toe removed and hand surgery from arthritis and scoliosis but when we had my parents wedding anniversary she not only danced w/my Dad but also with nieces & nephews showing me that nothing could hold her down! I’m so proud of her!

  65. Posted by paty, at Reply

    when me and my mom go shopping the best feeling ever!

  66. Posted by Jill Cagan, at Reply

    Having a mother who truly loved me was special from the moment I was born until she passed away two years ago. She was always there for me in a place called home where I could go for comfort and for a reminder of who I really am. Now, I carry the memories of her with me. Her beautiful face (even at 96 years old). Her calming voice. Her wisdom and intelligence. I no longer have to go to her because she lives in my heart now, in that special place called home.

  67. Posted by Kelly Commerford, at Reply

    When I was very sick & hospitalized, my mother never left my bedside, sleeping in a chair next to my hospital bed because she knew I was terrified. It meant a lot to me, so much I could never find the words.

  68. Posted by Donielle Miller, at Reply

    My mother lives 2.5 hours away and has to work today, so we are going to get in the car and surprise her when she gets home!

  69. Posted by Kristine, at Reply

    Mom is my counselor, my pharmacist, my emergency kit, my crying shoulder, my anchor, my saviour when all hell break loose with the kid and things doesn’t run smoothly,. My seamstress, my personal doctor, my chef,.

  70. Posted by Carol M, at Reply

    There were many, but one special moment is when I would stop by after work and she would cook eggs for me. I know how to cook eggs, but no matter what they always tasted the best when she made them. I will miss those days.

  71. Posted by Shawna Deters, at Reply

    One of the beat moments spent with my mother were the numerous days following my father’s unexpected death. While in a very tough time and a lot if grieving, I was able to stay with my mother for the following 30 days or so to help her sort out life and where to go from there. While my father, my rock, is dearly missed, these times drew my mother and I much closer together. I will always miss my beloved father but always cherish the time spent with my mother strengthening our bond with one another. I have watched my mother grow a lot over the last 15 years! I love you mom!!

  72. Posted by irene lee, at Reply

    The Special moment with my mum was the full Months when I gave birth to my 2babies, she took care of me, encouraged me, cooked for me & took care of my babies.I love u mum now & always!

  73. Posted by Ali, at Reply

    My mother is my best friend and she and I have fond memories of going to the mall with my mom to pick out make up and creams. It would be an honor to give my mother this wonderful vine vera gift basket as she loves creams more than anyone I have ever met. Thanks for your consideration.

  74. Posted by Jessica C, at Reply

    Its always a special moment when me and my younger sister go to my moms for movie night still as adults like we used to do when we were kids 🙂

  75. Posted by Debi Bruce, at Reply

    My special moment came when I heard my mother was cancer free. Cancer has really run through the family especially her side and she lost one sister to breast cancer and her other sister has breast cancer. So when they found a lump on my mother it was about the worst news we could get at the time, but just recently she was given a clean bill of health.

  76. Posted by wendi mattson, at Reply

    Mom died young of breast cancer but she left my sister and I a ifetime of lessons and love. We learned young the importance of family and time together. We carry on many of her traditions and are passing them on to our kids. She taught us how to be strong yet gentle. She showed us how to enjoy life have unbreakable faith and really live.

  77. Posted by Sarah, at Reply

    We would walk by the river with our dog Charlotte, taking in the cool breeze, soft bird song and the hum of the train going by.

  78. Posted by Christina p, at Reply

    My mom always thinks about everyone e else before herself even people she doesn’t know she will stop and help them and give them her last dollar she had. She never does for hwrsf because she’s ways taking care of others it would be so nice for her to win this it would be such a nice treat for her for once she would be so grateful.

  79. Posted by Christina p, at Reply

    I share that special moment with my mom everyday because her heart is so big.