Moisturizing Between Shaves

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As beneficial as shaving is, it could be rough on the skin, but moisturizing in between could make a surprisingly big difference including for the overall look and feel of your skin. It’s easy enough to walk into any store and grab whatever moisturizer happens to be on sale, but that’s not going to do your skin any favors. The following tips, however, could help you get your moisturizing game on point in between shaves.

Opt for SPF
Some moisturizers have SPF while others don’t, but consider opting for one that does. It could help offer some much-needed sun protection, but you have to remember to reapply it throughout the day.

Moisturize After Washing
The ideal time for you to apply moisturizer is when your skin is still a little damp so you can help lock in the moisture. This means whether it’s after you showered, washed your hands, or washed your face, pat dry (don’t rub!) your skin with a towel and apply the moisturizer of your choosing.

Patch Test Your Product
We could go on and on about all the reasons why it’s vital to do a patch test with your product, but one of the biggest reasons is that it can help you learn if your skin is compatible with the moisturizer before you slather it all over your face or body. Would you really rather find out via irritation over a larger area of skin or on a small area that could be much easier to treat? 


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Give Time in Between Products
If you apply your products one right after the other, you’re not giving them a proper chance to settle into your skin. For example, don’t use splash aftershave and right away follow that up with moisturizer. Give it a few minutes to let each sink in before you follow up with the next item.

Change Up Your Moisturizing With the Seasons
Did you know that it’s ideal to switch up your moisturizers in between seasons? Actually, it’s beneficial to use a lightweight one in spring and summer and a richer one for fall and winter. This pertains to your face as well as your body.

Use Different Moisturizers On the Face and Body
The skin on the face and body might seem exactly the same, but they’re surprisingly different which is one of the multitudes of reasons you shouldn’t use the same moisturizer on your face that you do on your body. The face on the skin is much more delicate and sensitive, so stick to using body lotions for the body, face moisturizers for the face, and not mixing the two.

We get that asking for advice from professionals isn’t always convenient considering it usually requires an appointment, but when it comes to your skin, do you really want to take any chances? It’s better to get some perspective from those who know your skin best rather than completely rely on generalized advice. You may be surprised at the positive results that could happen.

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