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Vine Vera Helps Men Get Their Skin Ready for Summer!

Young man applying sunscreen while outside

Skin care is not limited to women anymore. More and more men are becoming self aware and cognizant of the need to have healthy and good looking skin. However, even though you might have a proper skin care routine, not preparing your skin to be able to cope with the seasonal changes can prove to be disastrous. The issues faced by your skin during the summer and fall seasons are likely to be vastly different. Therefore, you need to ensure that you alter your routines according to the seasons to allow your skin to fight the slew of conditions that a change of seasons tends to bring. Vine Vera reviews  a few skin care tips to help you get your skin ready for the summer season.

Young man applying sunscreen while outside Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen
Most men believe that having an SPF 15 sunscreen should be more than enough when it comes to protecting the skin from the sun. However, you need to be using a minimum of SPF 30 sunscreen all through the year, irrespective of whether it’s cloudy or not and irrespective of whether it’s the summer season or the fall season. Another mistake that most men make is that they forget to protect their face from the UV rays of the sun. Using sunscreens is not enough for your face if you plan to be outdoors for a long period of time. Make sure that you limit exposing the skin around your eyes and on your neck by wearing a hat and sunglasses. Remember, saving your skin from sun damage can help you ward off problems like fine lines, wrinkles and skin cancer in the long run.

Don’t Put Away The Moisturizer
The humidity levels during the summer might prevent the frequent need for moisturizing your skin, but you still need to be doing it at least once every day. Most men prefer to pack away those moisturizers the moment the fall season disappears. However, cracked skin and dryness is something that can happen in the summer months as well. To combat these issues, you use moisturizers on a regular basis, even during the summer months. The only respite that you can have is that you can reduce your daily usage from twice during the fall seasons to once during the summer months. Furthermore, even though you can use any moisturizer, we suggest that you go for a men’s moisturizer as it gives off a masculine smell.

Man drinking water Hydrate From the Inside
Your water intake reduces during the fall season. And most men make the mistake of carrying this habit into the summer seasons as well. Just because your water intake slacked off during the fall season doesn’t mean that you cut down on your water intake in the summers. The ancient rule of drinking 8 glasses of water just doesn’t work anymore. With the kind of routines that most modern men have, you should be drinking a minimum of 12 – 14 glasses of water each day.

Take Fish Oil Supplements
Fish oil supplements are an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega 3 is not just beneficial for your skin, but it is also known to be an excellent option for improving your overall health. Some of the main benefits offered by Omega 3 fatty acids include anti-inflammatory properties, helping in improving your mental and cardiovascular health and reducing your dry skin symptoms.

Exfoliation is known to be extremely important for getting healthy looking summer skin. Exfoliating your skin during the summers promotes cell regeneration, helping you to achieve smoother, healthier looking skin. Remember to choose a sugar scrub or simply use a body brush!

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