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Woman getting a laser treatment done at a medical spa.

There are many different skin care procedures done around the globe, and with each one, they all require a different treatment. When it comes to lasers for skin care, there are many different types of lasers which are used to treat different problem areas on the skin, for procedures such as the treatment of pigmentation issues or skin discoloration, stretch mark treatment, scar treatment, tattoo removal and more. Vine Vera takes an inside look at the different forms of lasers used for each procedure. Join us as we delve into the scientific, techy world of skin care lasers.

Lasers Used to Treat Various Skin Problems
There are different lasers used for different procedures involving skin treatment. Dermatologists perform these types of treatments on a daily basis, and are always making use of new technology for skin care concerns. Some of the more popular laser treatments for skin care concerns include:

Carbon Dioxide Laser
Carbon Dioxide Laser, otherwise known as C02,works well, usually requires 2-3 weeks’ worth of healing time, and is not for those with acne prone skin or Asian heritage due to hyper-pigmentation occurence; treats:

  • Deep wrinkles – perfect for an anti-aging approach
  • Acne scars
  • Skin tags & moles – anywhere on the body
  • Skin cancer – various forms
  • Sun damage – such as dark spots, sun spots, and more

Erbium Laser
This type of laser treatment is effective, safer than CO2 lasers due to the fact that less burning of surrounding tissue is involved, and requires less down time; is best for skin issues involving: 

  • Fine lines – pre-aging
  • Sun damage – freckles, sun spots, dark spots and more
  • Acne scars
  • Skin pigmentation issues
  • Moderate wrinkles – perfect for combatting aging

Woman getting her hair removed through laser therapy.

Alexandrite Laser
This laser treatment is perfect for those with light to very light skin, and those of any skin type. Some of the most common conditions or reasonings behind the use of this laser include: 

  • Tattoo removal – this type of laser removes certain colors better than other lasers
  • Hair removal – a small or large amount
  • Spider veins – legs

Yag Laser
The Yag Laser is generally not used as often as other laser treatments due to the fact that is known to be less effective than other lasers in its genre. Some of the typical uses for Yag Lasers is:

  • Tattoo Removal – Can usually handle all colors well
  • Skin Rejuvenation – This type of laser has been known not to work well in this department
  • Pigmentation Issues – spots, darkened skin, etc
  • Hair Removal
  • Spider Veins

Depending upon what your skin care concern is, your doctor will be able to guide you through the various treatment options and laser types she has at her disposal, and will talk about which one she believes will work best for your particular problem. One thing you will always want to do is ask lots of questions and be fully informed before you undergo any skin treatment or procedure. This will alleviate fear, confusion, and ease your mind.

There are new advances being brought about each and every single day, and science and technology have become better than ever in terms of developing revolutionary skin care products. Count on Vine Vera to always bring you the latest in skin care trends throughout the world, and to always be your go-to source for fact-filled, well documented and researched information.

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