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Indulge your toes this summer – give yourself an at home pedicure. Whether you feel like indulging for a quiet night at home or your getting yourself ready to go out a pedicure fits the bill. Vine Vera’s Manicure Set is the perfect set of tools to have on hand to give yourself a fab pedicure!

Feel like experimenting with some color? Your toes are as good a place as any to start off with. There are a number of shades that can actually transform the way your feet look this summer. That’s right. These colors aren’t just sexy, they’re flattering, vibrant and groovy as well. The easy part – putting them on. The hard part – taking your eyes off them.

Zesty Lemon

As gross as yellow toenails might sound, they actually look great. It’s all about picking the right shade of yellow. If you choose a lemon yellow color with your pedicures, you should be able to not only boast of beautiful looking feet, but attractive toenails as well. Women with pale complexions should find the zesty lemon perfect as it should be able to complement the pinkishness of their skin and suit their paler complexion. Those with medium skin should go for cooler lemon tones, such as the ones seen in lemon meringues. Finally, if you have dark complexions, a bold and opaque shade of yellow should do the trick.

Petal Pink

Petal pink is a purply shade of pink that is an ideal shade to wear when you’re wearing clothes with floral designs. You could choose a pastel color, but an opaque shade allow the color to pop more. This works best against pale skin. A coral undertone can also do wonders for those with medium skin tones. Women with dark skin tones should always go for bubblegum pink.

Alluring Aqua

Navy blue and indigo shades are yesterday’s colors. Aqua is the latest thing to have. Skip the glittery ones (leave those for teenagers) and go for a matte polish. This shade is ideal for people with fair skin. If your skin has a medium tone and doesn’t have a green undertone, you can also go for a true blue. Lighter tones are best when it comes to people with darker skin.

Reddish Orange

Red nail polish seems to be so tacky, so unfit for the summers. But wait till you check out those delicious reddish orange tones. A fire tone is ideal for women with pale complexions whereas women with medium complexions need to cut out on a shade or two. Women with dark skin should look “photo perfect”  in a classic orange this summer.

Shimmering Bronze

Bronze is the best shade when it comes to metallic colors. It is warm, sexy and delightfully beautiful to look at. A bronze shade can transform that perfect pedicure into something heavenly as well. If you have fair skin tones, always go for one with rose flecks in it. Women with medium and dark skin tones should choose shades with gold and silver flecks. However, it is a must to apply a base coat of clear nail polish before you can even think about applying bronze.

Electric Purple

Electric purple suits women of all skin tones and all ages. A brighter neon shade is an ideal fit for dark and medium skin tones while women with lighter skin tones should go for something darker in order to create a contrast. However, make sure that you don’t paint it on your fingernails as well.

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