How to Feel Confident Going Makeup-Free

Woman with no makeup

There are some who would love to go without makeup but the idea of doing so is simply too much and they put it on anyway. There’s nothing wrong at all with wearing makeup, however, if you decide you don’t feel like wearing it yet you still want to leave the house, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t. Sometimes, going without can feel unnerving like the whole world is staring at you whispering about your lack of foundation and mascara, but you may be surprised just how much different you can feel (in a good way!) without the makeup you put on every day. Ready to go makeup-free but you’re a little nervous? Don’t worry; check out some of the following ways to feel confident when you go without makeup.

Determine Your Method
Depending on your personal preference, you may want to jump right in, take off the makeup, and run out the door, but others may need to go more slowly, and that’s okay. For example, you might want to start off going without lipstick, then the next day go without another item in your beauty regimen and keep up the process until you’re not wearing any makeup at all. Others might want to start by going makeup-free more often at home, then eventually going bare-faced to just run errands until finally, they’re going out to work or out with friends without any makeup on. It’s completely up to you what you feel more comfortable doing.

Focus on Your Skincare
One of the best ways to feel more confident about going makeup-free is to feel more confident about how your skin looks without any makeup covering it up. If you want to go makeup-free, consider improving your skincare routine. For example, make sure you always wear sunscreen and use moisturizer, wash your face at the end of every day, don’t pick any pimples, and exfoliate once a week.

Remember That Makeup Is a Way to Enhance Natural Beauty
Another way to feel more confident going makeup-free is to remember that you’re already beautiful without it. There are days when we don’t always feel that way, but it’s especially important during those days that you need to make a conscious effort to keep reminding yourself that you are. Makeup should not feel like a protective shield of armor on your face when you wear it, but rather a way to enhance the natural beauty you already have.

Know That You’re Your Harshest Critic
As previously mentioned, there are those who, when they step out without makeup, are worried about what other people are saying, but more often than not, we’re our harshest critic. There are times we say things to ourselves that we would probably never even think to say to or about another person, which means all those negative things you’re probably envisioning other people are saying are very likely not happening. Ignore the haters. What really matters is what you feel and think about you.

If you want to go makeup-free, there’s no set time by which you have to do it. One day you may wake up after days of saying “no way” to realize that you’re ready to do it then and there. Just remember you are equally as fabulous without makeup as you are with it.

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