Holiday Makeup and Beauty Tips

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The holidays are quickly approaching which likely means you have a calendar full of plans so you may find yourself doing your makeup and touch-ups a little more often than usual. Chances are you want the results of the effort you put into your beauty routine to hold up for several hours at a time while you stay busy and for it to do so without a problem. Let’s discuss some of the holiday beauty tips that need as little time, hassle, and effort as possible.

Do a Patch Test
You may be one of the many who run out to get new beauty products to use during the holiday season, but you might want to consider doing a patch test first before you apply them and run out the door. If your skin and the products aren’t compatible, it might result in a negative skin reaction. Before you get stuck possibly experiencing a negative skin reaction while you’re out trying to enjoy holiday festivities, consider doing a patch test with the products first to ensure you won’t have any problems.

Use Dry Shampoo
Dry shampoo is absolutely fantastic for saving your tresses when you have to skip a washing or two and don’t want your hair to look like you did. Make sure you follow the directions exactly otherwise you might end up seeing the product in your hair.

Consider a Classic Look
If you’re having trouble figuring out what to do with your makeup, consider doing black eyeliner and red lips. It’s a classic look that doesn’t go out of style. Not a big fan of doing eyeliner? You could skip it if you so desire and just apply the red lipstick.

Woman applying lip liner.

Use an Invisible Lip Liner
If you’ve never used an invisible lip liner, you may be surprised just how valuable of an addition it can be to your beauty regimen. Rather than have to pair a lip liner to every lipstick in your arsenal, you could use one invisible lip liner that’s universal for lip colors. It’s an easy way to keep your lipstick in place.

Use a Makeup Primer
Speaking of keeping makeup in place, using a makeup primer can help you do just that. From running around all day and night to dealing with inclement weather, applying a makeup primer can help keep your makeup where it’s supposed to be without it running all over your face. You may want to also consider using an eyelid primer to keep your eye makeup in place as well.

Consider Waterproof Mascara
Between crying tears of joy and having rain and snow blow in your face, that moisture could cause your regular mascara to try and make a run for it sending it under your eyes and down your cheeks. Although waterproof mascara is harder to remove and you may not want to wear it every day, you may find it beneficial to use on days when you think you might have a problem keeping your mascara in place.

Last but not least, as tempting as it may be to fall into bed at the end of the night with a face full of makeup, especially if you’ve had a day full of work, shopping or social obligations, it’s not going to do your skin any good. Make sure to take your makeup off every night before bed.

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