Hair Removal: Get Smooth Before Going Out

Woman with beautiful waxed legs.

Hair on your legs and arms, that quickly grows back when shaved, is never very much fun, and you really have to stay on top of things to keep them smooth. It’s to fun getting ready for a big night out only to realize your legs are covered in stubble, when you thought you had an extra day of smoothness before that happened.

Vine Vera knows this struggle well, which is why—to ensure your next big night out gives you the freedom and confidence of knowing you have the smooth legs to pull of whatever outfit you might be considering—we’ve put together a list of various hair removal strategies, both temporary and permanent, that last so, so much longer than shaving, and have several other advantages too.

Woman waxing her legs.

This one’s an old standby for temporary (but much longer lasting than shaving) hair removal that ensure utter smoothness and never having to deal with stubble. You can go to a salon and get waxed, or use home waxing strips, but either way, you’ll get your whole legs (and arms, if you need them) done in a single session, and it’ll be quite some time before you see any regrowth, so you can wax several days before your big night out and be just fine. And even when you DO see regrowth, it will be thinner and lighter than before, and you won’t really get stubble, since the rough, prickly feeling of stubble is mostly due to the hair being cut and creating a sharp edge, rather than being plucked out completely by the root and growing back.

If you have sensitive skin, approach waxing with care. Try removing a small patch of hair in an unnoticeable area with a small waxing strip, and see how it reacts. There’s a chance for really painful flare-ups and irritation.


Like waxing, epilation removes hairs by the root, so they do grow back, but not for awhile, and they’ll grow back lighter and thinner every time. Epilation involves the use of a device with a spinning head covered in tweezers that removes hair rapid-fire. The advantages are that its very easy and maintenance free to do it at home (no need to keep buying new waxing strips), and that it’s less likely to irritate sensitive skin. The main con is the pain. It really hurts, but if you put up with it, the pain gets less and less every time, until you barely feel a thing.

Lasers for hair removal

Laser Removal
Laser hair removal is permanent, but it does take several sessions to really take effect. You simply have your skin blasted with concentrated lasers that kill the hair follicle so you never get any regrowth, and that’s it! When you’re done with the series of treatments, you’ll never have hairy legs again!

The main disadvantage is that it only works if you happen to have pale skin and dark hair. The lasers rely on contrast to achieve the desired effect, so if you have darker skin and/or lighter hair, you may be out of luck.


This involves getting your pores stuck with an electrified needle to kill the pore and prevent hair from growing from it. Sound painful? It is, a little, or at least rather uncomfortable, but it, too, is permanent. It’s generally more expensive, but it works on anyone, regardless of skin tone or body hair color.

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