Good Skin Care Practices

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Quite a few of us were told from a young age how important good skin care is, but that doesn’t mean we actually listened, at least not for awhile. The older we got, the more many of us became acutely aware of how essential it is to actually take the time and energy to take proper care of our skin. It never hurts to learn as much as possible regarding how to go about doing just that, so let’s talk about some of the good skin care practices that could serve you well.

Remove the Makeup
There are two times a day when it’s ideal to remove your makeup: Before you exercise and when you get home at the end of the day. When it comes to exercising, all that sweat, oil, dirt, and makeup is coming together to clog your pores which isn’t doing anything good for your skin. Also, try not to wait until you’re going to bed to take off your makeup. Consider doing it when you get home instead so it’s several less hours that the makeup, etc, isn’t sitting on your skin.

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Don’t Just Schedule “Problem” Appointments
How many times have you scheduled an appointment with your doctor when there was a problem but you often skip getting an annual check-up? When it comes to your dermatologist, you’re ideally supposed to have an annual appointment. Your doctor can spot potential problems you may not even be aware of, not to mention it can be a good opportunity to ask any questions or address any skin issues you have.

Do Your Research
It’s so very important to research what you’re putting on your skin rather than just picking any product you heard good things about, one that’s on sale, or one that looks or smells good. For example, with every product you’re putting on your skin, you should be reading the ingredients list as well as the packaging in general, and it doesn’t hurt to read reviews about it before you buy it. You should also look for products whose packaging states that it’s ideal for your skin type.

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Use Proper Sun Protection
We’re big fans of sun protection, basically anything that could help keep our skin safe from harmful UV rays. It’s easier than ever to do and it only requires mere minutes of effort each day. For example, you can wear sun protective clothing, sport sunglasses, use a wide-brimmed hat, and—of course—use sunscreen. There are a few key application tips to ensure sunscreen success. You should apply it about a half an hour before you leave your home then keep reapplying it every couple of hours through the day. Make sure you put it on from your scalp to your feet and always put on a proper amount.

When it comes to good skin care practices, never stop learning and asking questions. Whether it comes to choosing a new moisturizer (which you should be using daily, by the way), figuring out what foundation to buy, or something else entirely, it’s a good thing to always be learning new tips, tricks, and info to help make your skin look even better.

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