Fragrance Layering

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So let’s talk fragrance layering. It’s exactly what it sounds like; it involves layering a variety of scents that could stem from perfume, body lotion, or other scented beauty products in an effort to create one fabulous scent that’s uniquely you. The point is to get the notes to work together, not against each other. While it’s not necessarily easy, it’s a lot more simple than it sounds. If you’re looking for a unique scent and want to find it by trying fragrance layering, the following are some tips to help you do just that.

Test Out the Scent Before Going Out
Trying fragrance layering is something you want to try when you’re home and you’re not expecting to go out anywhere. Once you find a scent on the testing strips that you think works, you’re going to want to test it out on yourself to make sure it smells as good on you as it does on paper. If you end up not being fond of the way it smells, you don’t want to get stuck with that scent on you should you have to go somewhere. Make sure you get the scent down and approved before you decide to wear it outdoors.

Don’t Use Two Strong Scents
If you use two strong scents, it’s going to basically be like they’re fighting together resulting in a smell that’s way too overwhelming. Make only one of the fragrances a strong scent and use that as a base.

Woman using perfume tester strips

Get Perfume Testing Strips
Sure you could spritz a bunch of perfumes in the air or put a series of products on your skin, but all the scents are just going to get completely mixed together. Your best bet is to purchase perfume testing strips so you can use those as a starting point instead.

Start Out Simple
You don’t have to go with three or four scents at once to start out with; two is perfectly fine for your first attempt at fragrance layering. You’ll want to apply your strongest scent first then immediately put the second lighter scent on so they have a chance to meld together.

Mix and Match Products
Have some fun with fragrance layering! It doesn’t all have to be perfume; you can mix-and-match what you use. For example, if you decide you want to use only two products for your first attempt, consider one perfume and one body lotion. Don’t hesitate to experiment and see what you come up with.

Get a Second Opinion
If you want to see what others think about your new scent before you take it out of the house, ask a trusted loved to give their honest opinion. Go right for the pulse points rather than putting it on the paper so they can get a real idea of what it will smell like when you wear it.

Get a Professional Opinion
Rather than go about fragrance layering on your own, consider getting the opinion of a professional. There are plenty of perfume shops to go to or even department store fragrance counters where you can get some valuable insight. You’ll also have a wider selection of scents to try than if you were to try it at home.

Whether you go about it by yourself or you request the assistance of a professional to help with fragrance layering, chances are you’ll be quite pleased with the results. Now whenever anyone asks what that fantastic scent is that you’re wearing, you can let them know that it’s all your own creation.

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