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Differences Between Women’s and Men’s Skin – Vine Vera Reviews

Physiotherapist offering man skin care advice

There are some major differences between the male and female skin, which makes their skin care needs entirely different. Yes, men have more facial hair, but there are major structural differences between a man’s skin and a woman’s skin as well. The male body produces more androgen which makes the male skin about 25% thicker when compared to a woman’s skin. Apart from being thicker, the male skin has a tougher texture as well. VineVera examines some of the major differences between women’s and men’s skin. Vine Vera believes that understanding these differences could actually prove to be the key to ensuring that you choose the right solutions for more effective skin care.

Production of sebum
One of the biggest differences between the two skin types is that the production of sebum and the amount of sebum in the skin is very different. The sebum production is far greater in males when compared to females, and this can directly be attributed to the secretion of androgen. The sebaceous glands in the male skin also have more positive androgen receptors. This is the main reason why men suffer from long lasting acne issues.

Collagen density
The male skin has a higher collagen density when compared to the female skin. Since collagen is directly responsible for skin aging, the male skin is usually 15 years younger to the female skin for a woman of the same age. However, since men have been less responsible when it came to taking care of their skin, applying sunscreen and using the right skin care products, this age difference isn’t noticed readily. That being said, these trends are now changing as more and more men understand the importance of proper skin care and healthy looks.

Blood vessels
Men have more blood vessels when compared to women. This makes their skin warmer and oilier when compared to the female skin. Therefore, men need to use products that absorb more easily into their skin and products that take into account the oily nature of their skin. Since it is not possible to make each and every product specific to gender, using products that suit your specific skin type becomes all the more important.

Skin thickness
As Vine Vera already mentioned above, the male skin is about 25% thicker than the female skin. The higher levels of androgen are directly responsible for increasing the thickness of the man’s skin. However, the male skin thins as a man ages, whereas the female skin doesn’t lose its thickness till a woman crosses the age of fifty.

The stratum corneum of the man’s skin is thicker and its texture is usually rougher when compared to the female skin. Despite this fact, issues like swelling of the skin around the nose, redness and proliferation of the sebaceous glands are mostly seen on the male skin. What still needs to be determined is whether these conditions arise due to the high androgen levels found in a man’s body.

Puberty gives rise to sweat secretions and stimulates the growth of facial hair in a man’s body. Men are known to produce a greater amount of lactic acid in their sweat, which accounts for the lower pH levels in their skin. Men also have a higher body temperature, which in turn makes them more prone to sweating and makes them sweat twice as much as women. That being said, the male skin is more hydrated as the excess sweating and the higher levels of lactic acid may be responsible for hydrating the tissues better. 

The differences in skin care routine
The number of differences between these two types of skin makes their skin care needs differ. Men need to pay the most attention to their cleanser. A proper cleaner provides them with a clean shaving surface and prevents issues like razor burns and ingrown hairs. Men also need to pay a lot of importance to exfoliating their skin. The excess sweat coupled with the extra production of sebum makes their skin act like a sponge for the dirt, pollution and grime present in the environment. Regular use of scrubs and deep peels can really go a long way in helping men to get rid of the dead skin cells from the surface of their skin and reveal better and younger looking skin. Unfortunately, things aren’t as simple for women. They need to make use of anti-aging and hydrating skin care products in their skin care routine because their skin needs more protection from the signs of aging and constantly demands moisture. Women also suffer from a number of menopausal and pre-menopausal symptoms which cause puffiness, dryness and wrinkles and also accelerate other signs of aging.

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