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Dealing with Pesky Blackheads

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It happens to the best of us: one day your face is clear as can be, the next, there’s a little dark spot in one of your pores. A week later, there’s five more. When did this happen? Where did they come from? How can you get rid of them? Vine Vera has the answers.

Blackheads are a notoriously common and infamously difficult to deal with in the skin care world. They strike without warning, they don’t respond to very many treatments, and even popping them (which we don’t recommend, by the way) can be quite difficult when they’re firmly wedged in place.

Thankfully, we understand the severity of the blackhead menace, and we’re here to arm you with the knowledge you need to conquer it.

About Popping
Let us repeat: we do not recommend popping any kind of pimple, whitehead or blackhead. This can risk pushing gunk and bacteria further into the skin, it leaves the pore wide open for infection, and it risks scarring. Besides that, it’s gross.

But let’s be honest here. It’s probably going to happen at some point. It probably already has. As weird and gross as it is, popping clogged pores is strangely satisfying, and in a pinch when you want it out NOW, it can seem like the best last-resort option.

So let’s say you can’t resist and you pop one. What now? Well, your main goal should be to reduce the risk of infection and scarring. Disinfect the pore and surrounding area with an alcohol swab, and if it’s bleeding, hold some gauze on it until the bleeding stops. When you moisturize and put on makeup, avoid the open pore if at all possible; you don’t want to plug it back up and cause a worse problem than before.

Though it doesn’t always work, sometimes, exfoliation can remove blackheads. If you have a severe blackhead problem, try increasing the frequency of your exfoliation sessions, but don’t exceed twice a week, or you may cause serious irritation to your skin due to removing too many layers and scratching up newer, more tender skin. Use an exfoliant with salicylic acid to fight the source of the infection that causes all pimples (blackheads are a kind of pimple), or try a peeling gel like one of the many Vine Vera offers.

Toners are a type of astringent, meaning they constrict pores and draw oil out of them. This is perfect for removing blackheads, because often, the dried up gunk and pus clogging the pore will just slide out with the excreted oil when the pore constricts. Use a witch hazel-based astringent rather than alcohol-based, and cleanse and moisturize after.

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If all else fails and you need to resort to physical force, there is a better way than popping with your fingers or knuckles. Blackhead extractors are tools with little circles on the end of a long handle that you place around the blackhead and push down to apply pressure in the perfect manner to completely extract the blackhead while minimizing the risk of scarring. Be sure to follow our above tips on disinfecting after popping.

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