Collagen Skin Benefits

Collagen concept

Collagen is a critical compound in our connective tissues, and its role in skin elasticity simply cannot be overstated. There are so many benefits of collagen, we decided an article specifically about the direct skincare benefits of this amazing protein was needed. It speaks to collagen’s importance and benefits, we think, that it’s not only a potentially helpful component for skincare, it’s downright necessary, both for us to live and function, and for your skin to hold itself together. Of course, most of us easily get the bare minimum collagen we need to survive without even thinking about it, especially since our body synthesizes it on its own, but what we’re discussing here are the benefits of adding extra collagen to your body through internal or external means, to facilitate improved skin quality and elasticity.

Skin Elasticity
Of course, this needs to be mentioned first, because it’s none other than Collagen’s primary function, and therefore, the application with the most potential for skincare benefit. Collagen is an essential protein that acts as a building block in the extracellular matrix—the “empty space” (not really empty) between cells—which keeps everything in place and firm. The collagen that exists in our skin already can break down over time, and the body isn’t necessarily equipped to replace it completely in your skin without a bit of help. Collagen will break down through aging, sun damage, and other factors, which will first cause lines around the parts of your face where you make expressions like smiling, and will later cause general wrinkling and sagging all over. Adding collagen to your diet and using skincare products that contain it can prevent and reverse this process of breakdown.

Where adding collagen to your diet and applying it through skincare products on the outside is especially helpful at preventing future wrinkles, and mildly helpful at improving the appearance of current ones, filling existing lines and wrinkles with collagen, administered through injections by a dermatologist, does the opposite; it won’t prevent future wrinkles, but it’s amazing at getting rid of the ones you’ve already accumulated.

Sadly, do note that these treatments only last for a few months, so while they can be a lovely way to make your face more youthful for a time, use the time it buys you to think of ways to add more collagen to your diet and skincare to help keep your prospects bright for the future without regular injections (although there is of course nothing wrong with regular injections if you want to do it and it’s done safely by a medical professional).

Scar Treatment
Vine Vera thinks that if you have scars, you can absolutely own it and be gorgeous, because scarring doesn’t have to be thought of as ugly. That said, if you want to remove your scars because it helps you, go for it! Certain kinds of scarring like acne scars or scars from things you’d rather forget happened, like self-harm scars, are especially likely to be wanted removed. For this, a very similar treatment to wrinkle filling is used, and collagen is injected right into the scar, reducing or eliminating its appearance. Like wrinkle filling, though, the results are sadly temporary.

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