Causes of Summer Skin Irritation and Spots

vine vera banner Causes of Summer Skin Irritation and Spots

When it comes to skin irritation and spots in summer, there can be a lot of different causes. Considering many of us are out and about whether we’re hanging out in the backyard, going on vacation, or just enjoying the nice weather, it can be even more frustrating when our fun plans are interrupted by pain, itching, redness, and a slew of other negative issues on our skin. Before summer comes to a close, keep reading to learn just some of the causes of skin irritation and spots you might find yourself dealing with.

Bed Bugs
One of the most feared aspects of vacationing is that we might come home with unwelcome travel companions in the form of bed bugs. You’ll typically notice their bites in lines or in clusters and result in itching, swelling, and redness, and some will have a more severe reaction than others. The best thing you can do—in addition to reading travel reviews from previous customers who have stayed where you’re planning to—is to do a thorough check of every room you’re staying in before you even put your bags down.

Hot, Humid Weather
One minute your summer is going great and the next you’re dealing with heat rash and small red bumps on the skin that can be itchy, irritating, and painful. To help prevent the issue, stay out of the heat, keep cool, and wear comfortable and lightweight clothing.

Beauty Products
It’s such a letdown when beauty products you’re excited to use result in skin that’s itchy, burning, swelling, showing signs of a rash, etc. There are a few precautions you can take to help decrease the chances of this happening, the first of which is reading reviews that were written by previous customers regarding the products. Additionally, read the list of ingredients to look for ones you know will cause you a problem, and lastly, always do a patch test.

vine vera banner Causes of Summer Skin Irritation and Spots

Poison Ivy/Sumac/Oak
The absolutely awful rash that involves itching, redness, blistering, and swelling thanks to coming in contact with the urushiol in poison ivy, poison sumac, and poison oak is not something you want to notice on your skin. To decrease your chances of having to deal with this, learning what to look out for is the best place to start. Also, while you’re walking around, always keep an eye out and avoid anything that even seems suspicious.

UV Rays
Chances are you’re spending more time out in the sun during the summer, but did you know that the fragrance you’re spraying on your skin could result in dark spots? It’s the alcohol that’s making your skin more sensitive to the sun, so when you’re spraying fragrance directly on your chest, neck, behind the ears, or on the wrists, you could end up seeing discoloration over time. Avoid this problem by spraying it on areas that aren’t exposed to the sun or just skipping it altogether until the nighttime.

As always, to avoid sunburn and other skin problems, make sure to wear sunscreen daily. Should you notice anything out of the ordinary on your skin, contact your doctor immediately. Even if it seems relatively harmless, you don’t want to take any chances when it comes to your health.

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