Can Sleeping Give You Wrinkles?

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There is something called sleep wrinkles which can happen as a result of your face constantly being smushed into your pillow night after night. Don’t worry, you don’t have to sleep sitting up. There are much easier ways that you can get your beauty rest while helping to prevent wrinkles in the process. The following may take some getting used to, especially if you’ve had the same sleeping habits for years, but your skin will thank you.

Sleep on Your Back
If you’re a side or stomach sleeper, you’re probably groaning at the mere thought of sleeping on your back, but when you do so, you’re not pushing your pillow into your face. Additionally, by sleeping on your back, you’re also helping to prevent puffy eyes considering gravity can cause fluid build-up around your eyes when you’re sleeping on your side or stomach. Sleeping in this position isn’t for everyone, especially if you have certain health conditions, but if you get the okay from your doctor to do it, consider giving it a try for awhile. It may take some getting used to but will typically get easier with time.

Sleep on Satin or Silk
Sleeping on satin or silk pillowcases may seem like a luxury, but they can actually be beneficial for your skin as well as your hair. Your skin can just glide across it rather than having a standard pillowcase squish into your skin while you’re sleeping through the night.

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Get an Anti-Wrinkle Pillow
Anti-wrinkle pillows might look somewhat odd, but they’re specifically designed to help you sleep in a way that may assist with preventing sleep wrinkles. Just like with sleeping on your back, using one may take a little getting used to. Some tend to be on the expensive side, but if you’re trying to prevent sleep wrinkles and you’re willing to give the anti-wrinkle pillow a shot, you might find it to be worth it.

Keep up with Your Skincare Routine
At night when you’re sleeping is when your body does some serious work to help repair and restore itself, so one of the best things you can do to prevent wrinkles in general while you’re sleeping is to make sure that your skincare routine is as good as it possibly can be. This means that you should remove all your makeup before bed, thoroughly wash your face, exfoliate once or twice a week depending on your skin type, and apply a great moisturizer that can work while you’re getting your rest.

Now that you know a little more about how to prevent wrinkles while you’re sleeping, there’s one last suggestion: speak to your dermatologist. Everyone’s skin is different, and while generalized advice can be incredibly beneficial, nothing beats specified advice that’s tailored to your skin. You can also use that time during your appointment to discuss if there are any ways to revamp your skincare routine to make it better than ever, and you may also want to use it as a chance to get your moles checked while you’re there.

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