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Best Foundations for Mature Skin

Mature woman applying foundation

 With age come new challenges in skin care and the cosmetics women use on a daily basis. Menopause and age bring a slew of necessities the consumer may not have known anything about before. While there are many various needs associated with mature skin, maintaining moisture and balance to the skin is a major player in the daily cosmetics aging women use. On top of that, finding a new foundation is important as well.

Certain foundations have been known to dry out the skin and cause problematic issues for women in their younger years, and should be avoided by older women with higher skin care needs. There are many products on the market for women who have challenging and aging skin, and today Vine Vera Beauty is discussing the types of foundations women with mature skin (by mature, we mean over the age of 50) should use.


Liquid Foundations

There are many liquid foundations in which women with mature skin can use which are infused with vitamins and regenerative properties. Liquid foundations provide even coverage when applied with a makeup sponge, and also rejuvenate the skin with the infused ingredients they contain. Look for liquid foundations which contain ingredients like Vitamin E, Sunscreen of at least 15 SPF, and regenerative properties for aging skin.


Whipped Foundations

Whipped foundations offer a light, fluffy texture that is airy and provides great coverage. These types of foundation can be applied directly to the skin with your fingertips, and offer the same type of benefits that liquid foundations provide. They allow the even application of makeup such as blush and eye shadow over the product, keeping it in tact and in place all day long. There are many whipped foundations which provide vitamins infused within the product as well as age defying properties and ingredients formulated to reverse the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. These types of foundations are available from the first sight of a fine line all the way up through breaking into menopausal skin, and beyond. Be sure to look for whipped foundations which contain SPF 15, at least.


Powder Foundation

Powder foundations are great when you want an even, light coverage and want something compact you can carry around in your purse with you. Powder foundations offer a shimmery, thin feel and give you a very natural look while still doing their job to set your makeup and hold it all day long. There are many powder foundations available on the market formulated for mature skin. Powder type foundations should be applied with a foundation brush, kabuki brush, or powder puff. Many of these products are infused with many vitamins and minerals very similar to those found in liquid foundations and whipped foundations, and are adored by women everywhere for their light textures and portability.


Mineral Foundation

Mineral foundation is one of the most natural forms of cosmetic product offered on the market. Made of a mixture of natural compounds and minerals, mineral foundation is the best way to go for women who have sensitive skin yet still want to feel beautiful and apply minimal makeup to tie their look together. Mineral foundations come infused with vitamins and sunscreen just like their liquid and whipped counterparts, and are generally well tolerated by women who cannot wear other types of full coverage makeups. In various shades and colors, mineral foundation is a great addition to any mature woman’s cosmetic box. This type of foundation is applied with a foundation brush or powder puff.

While there are many options, brands, and forms of foundation to choose from, one thing’s for sure – women with aging skin have definite needs. Ensuring you are taking proper care of your face will sustain the elasticity of your skin and beauty of your face for many more years to come. Be sure to choose good quality products and splurge a little – after all, your face is worth it!

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