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Before, During, and After – Skin Care for Nights Out

Woman having drinks in a bar

During a night out with friends, you’ll probably be thinking of a lot of things. What bar you’ll be hopping to next, that cutie in the corner you’ve been eyeing, how much wicked fun you’re having, what you want to get to drink next.

But—most likely—you won’t be thinking about your skin very much during a raucous night out while you’re having a blast. But here’s the thing: you sure will be thinking about it the next morning, as you stare back at your ashy, dehydrated reflection in the mirror.

So here’s the deal: there are thinks you can do before and during a night out to mitigate this kind of thing, and there are things you can do afterwards to repair any damage that happened. The trick is knowing what they are, and doing your utmost to be mindful of your skin while partying, much as it might not be something typically on your mind. To help, Vine Vera’s about to give you everything you need to know about skin care before, during, and after a hard-partying night out.

Woman applying moisturizer

First off, consider skipping “pre-drinks.” It’s a popular custom, but is it really necessary? You’re going to get pretty damn drunk when you go out, no doubt; you don’t need to get a head start. Slow down; the main reason nights out are so hard on your skin is that alcohol is dehydrating, so drinking a bunch before you even get started isn’t the best idea.

Secondly, prep your skin with a double-dose of your favorite moisturizer by massaging some in, and then mixing some of it with your foundation at a 1/3 ratio, and rubbing that in to get even more out of it. On top of that, go ahead and use some oil on your face (we recommend jojoba). This way, as your skin looses moisture from the dehydrating effects of the alcohol, it has some extra oils to fill in the gaps and keep your balance close to ideal.

Woman drinking water

The main thing you can do to help yourself during a party is to remember to take it slow, and please, please, please drink some water. Ideally, you should be drinking a glass of water for every alcoholic drink you have, but if that’s not practical, at the very least have some water year you for most of the night and sip in between your drinks. As we said, most of the skin damage from a night out happens due to dehydration, so by drinking water while you drink alcohol, you’ll help to mitigate that risk.

Woman applying night cream

After a serious night out, for the sake of both your headache and your skin, get hydrating and take some B-vitamins. Stay far, far away from sugary drinks like Gatorade; they hydrate you some, sure, but the sugar they contain is a dehydrating agent just like alcohol is, which doesn’t exactly help things. Plain water is best, though drinks like coconut water—with very little to no sugar and made up of at least 90% water—are okay too.

For your skin, consider using one of your heavier creams, which normally you wouldn’t use during the daytime. Night creams, for instance, are generally intended to be used, well, at night, but in extreme cases like the fallout of a serious night out, you can break the rules for some intensive re-hydration.

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