Avoid Sunburn and Skin Damage at the Beach

vine vera banner presents Avoid Sunburn and Skin Damage at the Beach

We absolutely love the beach, but we’re not exactly thrilled with how the sun could have an effect on our skin while we’re lounging in the sand or out in the water. It’s a must to do what we can to avoid sunburn and skin damage, and the good news is that it’s incredibly easy and it doesn’t take away from the beach experience at all. Let’s talk about some of the ways you can protect yourself while you’re at the beach and avoid damage to your skin.

Check your Sunscreen
Applying sunscreen is obviously a wonderful thing, but it’s not going to do any good if the product is expired. Many bottles have an expiration date on them, but if yours doesn’t, know that sunscreen usually lasts a max of three years. If yours is beyond that or you really can’t remember when you bought it, it’s time to purchase a new one.

Put Sunscreen on Before you Arrive
There are quite a few who wait to apply sunscreen until they’re already set out on the sand, but you’re ideally supposed to put it on about 30-minutes before you even walk out of your front door. It needs time to sink in in order to work properly, so make sure to put it on your skin ahead of time.

vine vera banner presents Avoid Sunburn and Skin Damage at the Beach

Apply Sunscreen in the Nude
One problem with putting sunscreen on while you’re wearing your clothes or bathing suit is that the fabric makes it more difficult to apply the product properly. Not only do many often skip underneath the fabric but they could also skip other areas around the bathing suit trying to get around any straps. Put the sunscreen on while in the nude and it can help to reduce application errors.

Constantly Reapply Sunscreen
Applying sunscreen before you get to the beach doesn’t mean that you don’t have to reapply it throughout the day. After your skin gets wet or every two hours you have to reapply sunscreen to make sure your skin is protected and to reduce the chance of sunburn and skin damage. It may sound like it’s going to interrupt all the fun and just be a hassle, but the effort is worth it.

Apply Sunscreen to Frequently-Skipped Spots
There are many spots that can be easy to miss when you’re applying sunscreen which means it puts those areas at risk of sunburn and skin damage. When you’re putting the sunscreen on, don’t forget areas like the tops of your feet, your hands, ears, neck, and scalp.

Sport Extra Sun Protection
Sunscreen isn’t the only way to protect yourself from sunburn and skin damage while you’re at the beach. Other items, such as a sun protective bathing suit, wide-brimmed hat, a cover-up, and sunglasses can be beneficial as well, so make sure to keep them on hand for your trip.

Avoiding sunburn and skin damage while you’re at the beach is surprisingly simple, but it’s not always easy to remember to reapply sunscreen while you’re relaxing in the sand. To help remember, set an alarm on your phone so you’ll always have that reminder ready to go.

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