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Anxiety and Skin Care, What’s the Connection?

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Anxiety is something many people struggle with in some amount or another at different points throughout their life. Anxiety can become chronic, where people are anxious so often and made anxious by so many things that it becomes a fact of life; something learned to live with and manage even if it can’t always be eliminated. Whether you have chronic anxiety or not, you probably have experiences being anxious at some point; it’s a typical aspect of life just about everyone experiences at some point about something. And whether it’s chronic or not, it is something that can be dealt with and mitigated in a number of ways.

A number of things can cause or contribute to anxiety, and anxiety triggers vary greatly from one individual to another; for one person, social situations might cause extreme anxiety. For another, it might be driving at night or speaking in front of a crowd. It can be just about anything, but would you have guessed that skin care can be related to anxiety too? It might seem surprising, but there are more connections than you might realize. Read on as Vine Vera examines them.

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Anxiety Gives You Zits
Turns out that anxiety—particularly chronic anxiety—can have a serious effect on your skin care. Feelings of anxiety trigger a release of and complicated interactions involving neurotransmitters and hormones, which can have a variety of effects on the body. As it happens, increasing oil production from your pores is one of them, which can increase your risk of breaking out. So if you find yourself becoming anxious and stressed often, do your best to calm down (meditate, exercise, stretch—whatever works for you) and keep a close eye on your face, using extra care to cleanse regularly.

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Your Skin Care Routine Can Help You De-Stress
Or at least, imagining the steps of your skin care routine. Interestingly enough, if you find yourself in a high-stress, anxiety-inducing situation, imagining yourself going through your regular skin care routine can help. The reason for this is that anxiety is often caused by feeling like you lack control over what’s happening to you, but skin care routines are very intentional and controlled by you, so picturing it can help you calm down. Just don’t take it too far! If you’re constantly imagining your skin care routine even when it’s not necessary to calm down, it can become obsessive and hard to stop.

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Look Better, Feel Better
Finally, let’s look at how skin care relates to self-esteem, and how self-esteem affects anxiety. Taking good care of your skin generally feels good, and it’s common to feel clean, refreshed, and vibrant after taking the time to care for your skin. Further, if you have a solid, regular skin care routine, your appearance is likely to improve. Both of these help you feel better and think more highly of yourself, and the confidence boost that provides can prove instrumental to combatting anxiety.

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