Amp Up Your Skin Care Routine

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If you want your skin to look good, it’s imperative you use high-quality skin care products from a brand you know you can trust, which is why Vine Vera takes such pride in making our products the best that they can be, so that you can get the radiant, beautiful, youthful skin you deserve.

But, just having the right products isn’t all you need. You need to know how to use them well if you really want to get the most out of them. As such, while great skin care starts with great skin care products, in order to really amp up your routine, you need to know how to use them properly, and apply useful hacks to squeeze even more benefit out of them, which is exactly what Vine Vera’s about to tell you how to do.

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Get the Order Right
Just like trying to do makeup before skin care, putting your products on in the wrong order can sabotage everything, make you look weird due to pilling and caking, and be much, much less effective at accomplishing the desired result.

Here’s the breakdown when it comes to layering: wash with cleanser, then go for serums and eye creams if you have them. Follow up with moisturizer, let dry. Now it’s time for face oil if you’re using it (we recommend jojoba oil), and now you’re done!

Sunscreen goes on in different steps depending on whether it’s a physical or chemical sun protectant. Physical sunblocks use the active ingredients zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide, reflect UV rays, stay effective longer, and can be layered on top of other skin care products as the final skin care step. Chemical sunscreens use photo-reactive chemicals that interact with UV radiation to keep it from your face, break down overtime, and must be applied as the first skin care step, reducing the effectiveness of subsequent steps. For this reason, a physical sunblock is highly recommended. You can also simply get a combination SPF+moisturizer to sidestep this issue.

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Spread it Properly
How you spread your skin care products onto your skin also plays a big role in how effective they are. Rub your products in with directional movements in directions your skin isn’t usually pulled, to resist rather than reinforce wrinkles. For instance, use vertical motions on the forehead, and spread up and out from the center of the face to the cheeks.

Woman touching her cheeks.

Be Gentle
Remember that this is your skin, not your stubborn pots and pans. It’s important to cleanse to get rid of dirt and excess oils, but be too hard on your skin. Wipe gently with cleansing wipes or make gentle, sweeping motions while washing off with cleanser. When applying moisturizer, serum, etc., keep this in mind too; it’s useful to massage products into your skin for maximum absorption, but do it gently! Your skin is a sensitive organ, and pushing and pulling too hard on it will wear it out, which is the opposite of what you want if you’re trying to look younger. Do keep in mind this tip applies to makeup application too, so don’t think that once you switch gears from skin care to makeup, you can rough it up all you want; use firm but gentle motions when you apply foundation, eyeshadow, etc.

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