Adjusting To Your Skin’s Diminished Sebum Production

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Did you know that your skin starts to produce less sebum as you age? It typically starts to happen in your 40s, but that means you may notice that your skin isn’t acting like how it once was. You may suddenly find that your skin has more of a dull appearance and feels and looks drier. So what are you supposed to do to help support your skin during all of these changes? The following are just some of the ideas to consider.

See Your Dermatologist
When your skin is starting to go through changes, the best person to speak to is your dermatologist. They can do a skin evaluation, discuss your history, talk to you about what your particular skin might go through in the future, and give you an idea of what products would be best for you to use to help combat the diminished sebum production based on your specific skin type.

Don’t Skip Moisturizing
Moisturizing is so very important especially when your sebum production is diminishing. During the day, you’ll want to use a moisturizer that not only contains SPF but also antioxidants. At night, leave your day cream behind and opt for a nighttime moisturizer with retinol. During the colder months, you may want to switch up your moisturizer for one that’s heavier and richer and opt for a lightweight one during the warmer months.


Apply Moisturizer the Right Way
You already know to apply moisturizer in the morning and at nighttime, but you should also apply it after you wash your face and take a shower so the product helps to lock in the moisture. Also, be gentle when you’re applying the moisturizer, and when putting it on your face, make sure you’re doing so in an upwards fashion. Don’t forget to also apply it to areas that are often skipped such as your neck and decollete.

Don’t Forgo the Sunscreen
It’s a must to use sunscreen on a daily basis, especially considering the sun can already cause your skin to be even drier and can accelerate skin aging. You should apply it at least 30-minutes before you leave the house, then every couple of hours or so throughout the day and after you sweat or swim.

Use Gentler Skin Products
Using harsh products can cause your skin to get irritated and dry as it is, so it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re forgoing them for products that are going to be more gentle to your skin. When you’re choosing products, make sure you’re taking time to read the labels and only choosing ones that are specific to your skin type.

You don’t have to panic knowing that sebum production will diminish as you get older, all you have to do is be prepared. A good skin regimen is everything as is asking for help when you need it, so make sure to stick to your skincare routine every day and contact your dermatologist or esthetician should you have any questions or concerns.

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